Love the sea K station how to cloud to sunny


4. times a day for link exchange frequent exchange of 10 home page link, link to the home page most have more than 100 of the

CountermeasuresWe all know that

sent the article to pay too much attention to key words each article will consider how to attract traffic, do not pay attention to the user experience

3. to delete the article on the site in the process of operation, because of some sensitive words, to delete a large number of articles, thus causing a dead link too much, the under test due to the same problem forum closed.

1. replacement server replacement server is a price to pay, but the station was K, I also do not move, the right horse horse medicine, replaced by the original Telecom server to double the server now, significantly enhance the speed of

3. to write robots.txt files, delete the limit >

A large number of

with curiosity and longing of the station, I have some of my views on the website of Shanghai Longfeng, summed up in one sentence: "there is only one three solo wing, EI Shanghai!" I test station network in the 3 months ago fell in love with the sea K station, leaving the home occasionally, love Shanghai every two weeks to update a front page snapshot, ranking drop badly, can only rely on Google to maintain a bit of traffic, but in China, if there is no love in Shanghai attracted traffic, how personal station can get long-term development, so after a period of careful analysis to find the reasons, to achieve this day the restoration of Shanghai included, re weight return. The following is the whole process of recovery station:

K first look back to the scene in front of the sea: love K station, is almost a half a minute of time love Shanghai article can be included, the test network keyword ranked first, more than the official station.Gov. I love Shanghai attracted traffic there are about 2000ip, due to the more content, so the long tail keywords also brings a lot of traffic. Two directory software forum in August under the line, the day included, ranking third, also has the certain amount, I still feel very satisfied with the overall effect. The following is the analysis process:

1. server problem since the beginning of time the establishment of the cheap, buy the so-called "affordable" space, the middle is always sometimes unable to visit, a year to server maintenance 4 times each day. It is too restrictive, sensitive word limit too dead, home a certificate generation to receive articles directly home page cannot be accessed, prompting sensitive word access denied.

two: K station

: analysis of

source program to modify the CSS due to the use of the program can not be a fundamental change, I change the style, so that the overall better display appearance, improve the user experience for

K station

2. template problems due to the use of the access database, and relatively large the amount of data, so the speed of some slow

5. Two years ago