Wang Shifan in the face of Shanghai Dragon Enterprise Station novice how to update the content

: two, original graphic conversion software.

talk a lot about site outside the chain, Wang Shi to sail today and we study together website content update enterprise how to better stand! For a new Shanghai dragon, let oneself every day as a new industry station to update the content, is a matter of how painful but! In life, we must be brave to face these problems and solve them! The following Wang Shifan as we explain how to update the original enterprise station and pseudo original content

, a pseudo Original: the same industry station, Taobao, Q & A.

Wang Shifan also heard a lot of friends in order to update the content, will go to the library and the bookstore to buy books on the industry, and then photographed, scanned images, and finally transformed into text, use it to update the content of the website. In fact, the need to use a lot of equipment for our Shanghai dragon novice friends, is a desirable approach. But Wang Shifan found, you can go to the library to download some digital books industry can be very good, like a superstar. Then a graphic conversion software, convert the picture into text. When it comes to graphic conversion software, we do not have to download software, that is not how, the error rate is quite high. If you can find me, I give you free, here is not to say, or AD too. Take a day to convert a book is enough, we update half a month of the. Of course, Wang Shifan will be in the enterprise stand for these data open a separate section, here is mainly considering the user experience.

Taobao: we all know that Taobao is shielding love Shanghai included, then Taobao station information resources, for the love of Shanghai, are original. Although love Shanghai has included Taobao, but the amount collected is not too large. We can use Taobao community resources, carefully selected for the article, then pseudo original.

for pseudo original, pseudo Wang Shifan reminder: be sure to place! Lest time and energy are spent, spiders do not appreciate, it would be too wasteful.

industry station: Shanghai Longfeng novice friends, the beginning of the order must be from some enterprises, help them optimize enterprise station. After we analysis of the enterprise complete, began collecting the contents, the latest account is certainly the same industry station. Collect their station content, then pseudo original. How to false original, Wang Shifan is here not to say. Just two: their title, the greatest degree of integration; the each section needs careful modification, adaptation.

answers: the question, I believe many of my friends do. For example, I want to do this keywords companies registered in Ningbo, then I will search in above search "registered company, the company registration, company registration fees" and so on two keywords, and then ask together, plus a title, it became an article.

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