The original content is like a decent girl High quality as people love

said in the Lu Song blog to see an article < and can not get the original love Shanghai in favor of > this paper is that the original does not necessarily get the favor and love Shanghai. To love Shanghai < white > to analyze the original or quality is an important and original is not high. The quality of the content. And he also made a survey to know you think important original or quality. Of course, some netizens said the original answer is important, some say the quality is important. However, Shao Lianhu did not want to ask, what is the quality of the original


, who in the beginning do not love to write original. At the beginning certainly did not know what to write original content, what is the quality of the original. But what is a process. As long as we write the original long time. You will find many writing skills. How to write high content the quality of the example, we can write some experience.

4, remember that the original is always the "magic weapon" website development in Yongsheng


1, the original quality difference on

for this problem many netizens expressed their views of love. Shanghai is of course the users want to show the quality of the content. Many users believe that the original one is not important, as long as the user to provide some valuable information. For example, some collection station can live very natural. From this we can see the love of Shanghai is indeed love quality content. This does not deny Shao Lianhu.

many users believe that the quality is very important. For example, some websites can be reproduced on other websites some useful information. Some false original is directly reproduced here. Yes, these articles is indeed valuable. But you must not read these articles to others. We often see the A5 submission site has many articles published by other websites to reprint. And there are a lot of imitation A5 website. How can I have seen on the website of the A5 article, the other on the site although you also have the same value of the content I do not see. Why, because I have seen. You see, although there are the quality of the content, but I don’t love. If the content on the site is the original high quality articles and other sites are not the same as if I might love, often visit. So, there is no original, again High quality content, freshness and value is of no use. The previous look more exciting, more inspired looking after more will not feel.

is good or bad, the difference between the quality of the original. Also can say is not quality. Such as the Shao Lianhu blog is concerned about the construction site, Shanghai Longfeng, network promotion information. If I write some daily mood words. Although it is original, but not the quality of the original. The original, no one will love.

original quality did not come

2, love Shanghai love original or