What kind of way to do outside the chain of Shanghai dragon has the best effect

with hyperlinks

anchor text link refers to words with hyperlinks, hypertext links. This chain can not only increase the weight of the website, but also make a rapid keyword ranking method, a lot of friends to optimize their website, is the key to the customer’s requirements.

anchor text


pure text without hyperlink URL

we all know the chain is Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization, the proportion of occupied a very important. A site if you want to improve the weight, site keywords ranking, in addition to the station’s article, the chain is one of the most important, most of the time we will be surprised to find that some sites included is very rare, but the ranking is very good, this is the chain in this work. This is what we often heard, keywords are piled up outside the chain by

a lot of friends for the chain this is also very confused, do not know how to send the chain better, are asking all day, today we gave a talk about their own understanding of the foreign chain, here is some form and effect of the chain, can be roughly divided into the following three categories of

what is the text with hyperlinks URL? Is a not point in the link, as we often send articles in A5, Chinaz, leaving a final article by www.***贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, like this is pure text URL, personally think that this kind of chain chain not good, but if the link is a reprint, then the weight will be increased with the increase of reproduced so that the quality of the chain, mellow and labor-saving, there is a work by many times the income effect, can increase the number of love Shanghai related domain, so as to enhance the weight of the website.

with hyperlink URL with the first pure text links is the biggest difference in this, you can click on the link to the site, a lot of friends to write very attractive, at the end of a face, want to see more exciting content, please click on the www.***贵族宝贝 site; one of the most common is in the forum the message will see a lot of comments on my website, www.***贵族宝贝 is also very good oh. Compared to the first form of the chain, the URL sure better effect of hyperlinks, it can not only increase the weight of a web site, if the article attract people, also attracted a lot of traffic. This link is very common in Shanghai dragon in the publication, for his website weight ascension to take a great role, so that your web site keywords have good rankings. But now there are many websites will take this with a hyperlink to the URL filter, so many outside the chain in the chain of hair at the forum, this is the chain to the site’s ranking to go up, so we can do some simple replies, the message and the evaluation, so with these simple operation to improve the number of.