To determine the 4 core methods of the station for the update direction

relative to the required user to update the content, even if a few days to update the content, ranking could rise more quickly, this is mainly because your users need updates, to meet the most basic needs of the value of love, Shanghai will certainly give you high ranking keywords.


2, love Shanghai search


1, love Shanghai drop

first, Hefei old black to ask, every day to update a large number of articles, is required by the user or to update and update

products are mainly related to love Shanghai love Shanghai know, love Shanghai library; our current search keywords we will find many, very love Shanghai know or library in the first second pages, possession of a large number of keywords ranking, and many sites are on page third, then we need to analyze according to some content second love Shanghai in the product > page

3, Shanghai love


love Shanghai love Shanghai search and drop methods basically do not have much difference, love Shanghai related search keywords recent half month search volume more, through the relevant search we can understand the needs of the users, and we update the content can be extended according to these keywords keywords.

believes that there are a large part of friends is to update and update, the old Hefei black sometimes too, but we will find a lot of content, we update, even if the love Shanghai included, our website ranking is not very good, because we do not have to update a lot of spam, even the original content, but did not have any value for the user, then love why Shanghai will give you a good ranking? And Hefei before the old black wrote "station update original content must be" the best we can see.

actually, it says so many mainly want to express is to tell everyone we need to do to update the contents of the current user needs and concerns to edit and update, grasp the user needs and concerns about the content we can use the following to operate:

believes that most of this article are engaged in or are engaged in the website editor friend, for all of us, update the content every day is very cumbersome and difficult thing, and this work on the website ranking effect is not obvious, more important is updated every day you will find that you have no content update the number of articles, so how can we find new content to update

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love Shanghai drop-down search keywords is the last few days the user search words, and often in search of these words, the user can not find very satisfactory results, so we can use the keywords to love Shanghai inside the expansion of drop-down new keywords content editing.