The ten thing to share Shanghai dragon road ahead will do a

problem is included, a first look at the website of course, this website refers to most websites, not all sites. The nature of the site, included the requirements are different, some sites need not have daily updates, search engines also know this situation. But for most sites, included is very important, because it can bring traffic. If the collection is not sufficient, to understand the whole website is not sufficient, or some directory is not sufficient, think clearly because the link structure is not reasonable, or because the domain name weight is too low, because of the small number of external links? Of course there may be a lot of content belongs to complex system, which is also an important reason for not included or included too little the. After understanding these problems, we need to make corresponding adjustment, for every detail to carry out, and then had a look at the effect.


we do Shanghai dragon after a period of time, to carry out the basic monitoring necessary, think later work to make the correct direction, in the work of Shanghai dragon is more common in peacetime, some people will encounter the website and need to solve the problem, combined with the situation today I give you a summary of ten something for everyone to share Shanghai dragon road ahead will do, is divided into a total of two articles, we hope to have some help.

Shanghai dragon can make our site in accordance with the promotion ideas straight smooth development, but not everything can be carried out in accordance with our default ideas, there may be many reasons, there may be the search engine algorithm do change, there may be a means to optimize our search engine has been immutable and frozen notice, it is also possible that we just started to estimate the situation is too optimistic, there will be a variety of different conditions in short, so Shanghai dragon is not immutable and frozen, need to do is monitor and adjust.

The first problem is included in The use of

brings the flow of the page

view channel page ranking

statistical tools for some third party can easily see the data, such as the Goolge tools, we should carefully observe what page brings more traffic. This is for our future work will provide very good practical significance. Can bring good traffic page (except page exception) is the network marketing or promotion to do more in the page, we want to know why the search traffic flow is what these keywords bring. It can also reflect the search engine more attention on what pages, are consistent with our previous expectations. At the same time tell us which classification or popular products more need to strengthen.

channel page or column page is many websites placed two keywords in place, these words are not the main keywords so popular, but there is also a search volume is very much. Do Shanghai, a period of time, need to view these two keywords to the site to bring traffic, need to look at the ranking of these words in the search engine, because we usually >