A new feeling of Shanghai Dragon

methodFirst look at the

after graduating from university I began, first in the industry do not understand, just heard, now I have been engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work for more than half a year, now to share my feelings.

keyword index, the higher the index represents the eat more difficult, generally considered index of around 1000 to difficult words, about 500 belong to medium difficulty, about 200 belong to the simple words, and then look at the amount included in the word, the more general included more people do this word, that is some relatively intense competitiveness. In love with this sea search keywords to the website more, the higher the weight that the word competition is bigger, generally ranked in the top ten websites if > =4 home page weight; more than 7 websites that shows that this word is very difficult to do, if it is 3-5 that the word to moderate difficulty the difficulty in belonging to the following 3 simple.


site keywords degree of difficulty can also search the keywords in love Shanghai, to see if the site has included the promotion and the forum is awesome, this website is relatively competitive in the great.

The contact site optimization this industry

at the beginning, only in the website articles, send the chain in the forum or other webmasters and change the friends of the chain, feel this kind of work is mechanical, is also very boring. Later and more experienced colleagues to learn key words difficult to analyze easy degree, learned a lot of things, share with you today and I learned:

learning knowledge for newcomers is very important, and I hope everyone like a novice webmaster can learn what they need.

degree analysis method to have a lot of kinds, there are many aspects need to be considered, so you still need careful analysis, summed up the experience.