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Shanghai will be accompanied by love and handshake, the author suggests that whether the firm is doing noble baby still love Shanghai, to try to set the path navigation column into English form (if words have used abbreviations, abbreviations, suggestions) with the same code analysis that the two sites which do not in place.

navigation is the site of the gold position, webmasters often on the basis of this point of view all navigation set keywords, but I want to say that this way of enterprises is not feasible, although can be ranked, but after all, is the enterprise enterprise station station, I do not recommend this setting, especially the B2B enterprise station. Look at the two sites are very good in this respect.

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friends please search "switching power" in love in Shanghai, and then find the twelve ranked Shenzhen jinbaotong Technology Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen side) and ranked twenty-eight in the Beijing Fangcun electronic company (Beijing Square), open their website to see the following:

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navigation methods are generally divided into vertical horizontal navigation, navigation, navigation at the bottom of three categories, according to the horizontal and vertical navigation navigation with the form of user access habits suggest enterprise station, if there is no horizontal and vertical navigation all keywords show complete or home page keyword density too suggest appropriate bottom navigation. Beijing side of the vertical navigation navigation display to the left, this is not conducive to the user experience, the Shenzhen party for the relatively perfect.

analysisThe presentation of

uses the pure static anchor text for the enterprise station navigation code recommendation form to the show, do not recommend using the JS code or the code style is too cumbersome. Back to the two party website you can see Shenzhen using the JS code and the code style, Beijing has to do but to grasp the degree.

navigation is recommended to use the title attribute, the title attribute by keyword search engine for navigation can show more accurate navigation column, but through code analysis we can see whether Beijing or Shenzhen are not the title attribute on navigation keyword set, here I recommend two enterprise stand this modified.

this afternoon, I cycle a habit of working in Shanghai, in search of a love free of all kinds of words, however in the afternoon to search "switching power supply" inadvertently found two corporate website, their navigation settings are very comparable, both have advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages and disadvantages of them can be a very good interpretation of the essence of enterprise website navigation set.

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