Breakthrough fiction website optimization bottleneck several suggestions

fiction website optimizationOptimization bottleneck

The construction of the chain effect of

fiction original content is difficult to obtain two main points, one is to collect some relatively unpopular novels, but also through the pig Witkey website to buy some of the contents of the original but relatively low quality of the original novel, of course, these novels not enough is emasculated version, must be fully present. At present, only a few thousand yuan, one of the hundreds of thousands of words of fiction often need only tens of dollars you can get. Another is to find some writer into, to achieve through cooperation and win-win, is a novel station.

solutions fiction website optimization bottleneck analysis

fiction website from planning to the assumption that the process is relatively simple, the operation difficulty lies in website optimization, the present novel website no one can occupy stable love Shanghai home, see the novel website competition degree from this point, but even so, there are still many as to the webmaster like moths to a flame fiction website, its important reason is perhaps lies in the content of the construction of simple profit model is relatively mature.

The solution for But

third fiction website is not good, now many novel sites are love Shanghai or any other search engine antipathy, at the same time many other sites also tend to limit the chain of various novel websites on their websites, which caused a small said site optimization chain of the road becomes very difficult, so some owners use to buy black links way to optimize, but it is so, will further stimulate the love of Shanghai fiction review website, thus forming a vicious spiral.

The main bottleneck of

fiction website is mainly reflected in three aspects, one is the original content of the site or the content of high quality is very difficult to obtain, even if you are a writer, could not write the thousands of even tens of thousands of the original novel, and now many webmaster is at most operation fiction novels lovers want a creation, not so much time, but there is no better.

is the second novel website basically adopted the way of making templates, many novel content is uploaded to the server through the packing space, and even these are often just buy a novel website program can be easily completed, the benefits of doing so will be able to quickly achieve profitability by copying mode, more copies of the website enhance the profit margin, but the defects on the Internet is built too many similar template site, so the site is difficult to create new talent shows itself.

is not a novel kind of website to ensure profitability, in fact fiction website is very difficult to make a profit, if there is no traffic support, no original writer cooperation, so can only go into content acquisition, advertising development road. But this road is not because the current fiction Everything is going smoothly., a site with a tendency of serious homogenization, these are also the homogenization, leads to the bottleneck fiction website optimization.