How do the webmaster should analyze the diagnosis

then give you a whole website analysis.

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diagnosis and analysis of the site webmaster should how

to tell you about today as a webmaster, a Shanghai dragon how to analyze on their website.

third point is this website, and we just browsing habits are the same, home has recommended, of course you can put your signature product recommendation, which is conducive to the user’s browsing, and also the general catalog, from top to bottom, from left to right, generally seven or eight a, not too much. It is the important keywords ranking. This is conducive to the search engine keyword ranking.

first we from a web page.

so the first point is that we should first analyze the website the strategy is correct, also is to analyze your website is correct tittle. As a Shanghai dragon you have to make sure your title is reasonable, a title or can directly affect the success of this website. The first is that when you choose the correct target keywords. This is very important, if your strategy is wrong, then the overall direction of you is wrong. This is a very important point. If your keyword competition is very big, I suggest you go to dig some long tail keywords, the keywords competition relatively small, also can give your site to bring very objective flow. We must remember the long tail of this kind of thought.


URL is the first point from the path. The general domain name is with WWW and without WWW, then you are with or without www www if you do 301 directional? If you two are in use, the international general that with or without www WWW is the two station, one is a domain name, a domain name is two. Then you two station bound to the same space, the content is the same, so when the search engine will make your weight scattered, is not conducive to your website ranking, this time we need to choose a domain name, the domain name for another 301.

second is the site of the directory is reasonable, in the time that this directory, first I want to tell you about the user’s browsing habits, in general we Chinese is browsing from left to right, browse from top to bottom, the same search engine is the same as the browsing habits and design, for example the site directory, from the weight to the gradual reduction of. We first give the user is our catalogue, similarly, is the same for the search engine, but also from top to bottom, from left to right in order to give weight. So when doing the long tail keywords can put these long tail keywords in our catalog. This can have better weight, the keywords ranking will be greatly improved. This method has the advantages of high ranking for. The general directory recommendations within 8, more, will share the weight, is not conducive to your keywords to get ranking.