2011 station the most successful and failed

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I learn Shanghai dragon several months at a point, all don’t know what to do, until now still confused. After listening to a teacher said, Shanghai dragon is the most critical practice. I whim Taobao made a guest website Taobao weight supermarket. The main is to understand by Shanghai dragon really can make money. After a month of hard work, my station also included the success. To bask in the little achievements:

in a month at the same time feel station bitterness, also feel happy and lost promotion. Regardless of success or failure, I learned more from them, and get to know more friends. After the station trip, I will work harder.

The most successful

The failure of local

netizens commented, the website keyword not ready, I like this new station, do a very popular word do not know how long? To tell the truth, of course I did not consider the station to analyze the key words, thought what words to make money to do what, then just put on some key words. Now regret, because these words too hot, to row in the home is very difficult to love Shanghai. I analyzed the word, see in those sites like Shanghai home, some do it for two years, some five or six years, really terrible ah. To get over them, what time ah. This problem has been entangled with me still. I think this is what I do most failed station since place.

is the collection of all normal, the number of the chain is also quite good. But my biggest headache happened.

this month in the promotion, I often soak in the forums, netizens often pay attention to my website comment. Okay, let me feel gratified is, even more than 6 of active users to add my QQ exchange with me, most people are asked to " you; this station is CMS, what procedures ah, " I was stupefied, why do they ask this question. Then one asked, they also do Taobao customers, but they think I stop doing very well, but also very suitable for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. I told them that this website is my own development, just on the line for a month. One netizen said "doing pretty good yo, you give me the program, I teach you to do promotion". My heart secretly happy, it seems that the site also has a successful place, at least by these people attention. There is a proposal for me, specially made Taobao guest website, then sales website program. This is a good suggestion, I am very grateful to him.

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