Pieces of content integration micro blog can also become the quality of the contents of the website

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after several years of development, in the eyes of the Internet and Internet users status is more and more high. Of course we do network marketing personnel in the eyes of even higher, almost all the network marketing personnel in a hotly contested spot. It is also very important for our Shanghai dragon operator, previously known only for the promotion of micro-blog communication will have a great effect, but recent research has found a good place for micro-blog marketing, micro-blog was also a site of high quality original content acquisition. The content of micro-blog search engine is to grab, which makes micro-blog the contents into the original content of natural, so that both the quality and the search engine is the original, love, love is really also, a win-win situation, it was found that some people have to use micro-blog to do so.

artificial selection machine selection of high quality, in fact, as long as we believe it is hard to do, can choose from micro-blog to choose some high quality content. I usually see is that is posted by someone a hot topic, and then discuss some celebrities and opinion leaders invited to participate in a topic. This enhances the interaction for micro-blog, for our website can take the discussion topic selection of some important and valuable to users, and then organized into an article, the content is original, search engines love, with celebrities and opinion leader.


but only 140 words, apparently a micro-blog as the content to the website is not enough, so the need of polymerization. The front also said, micro-blog is to write out a use of fragments of time, so you need polymerization. The need for artificial selection, find valuable content from the out of order in the massive amount of information is recommended to the user. Let the user to reduce search time, so this is a value for users. Many people say that writing is very difficult, the integration of information screening information than to write better now in micro-blog. In fact, everyone for a look at the search engine, it is not to do such a thing? "If not hundreds of billions around the world together is some of the rubbish, the use of technology to the web search engine of the class, the class is not the real value, the real value is needed for the user as a sort of". So the user can quickly find the information they need in the vast amount of information, this is the value of the search engine. This is because the search engine has become the most important application on the internet.


want to use micro-blog website content is to understand the nature of the content of micro-blog, micro-blog only 140 short words, micro-blog is the use of people’s fragments of time to write something, arouse people writing and desire to share. It is not the same with the traditional blog, the traditional blog to write very long, so people do not want to write a blog, which is also an important reason for micro-blog to fire up. There is now a quick life time, occasionally you write a long blog, readers are not willing to see. So micro-blog is short and fast and sharing features, naturally by everyone’s love.