PR updates for Google optimization ranking understanding


2, web page layout, it is best to use text plus picture website home page, don’t make the entire web page is FLASH, with the frame ", with JS code, these for Google or temporarily unable to identify the. Google Shanghai is love and love of static pages, this is the so-called user reflect, web page open speed problem.

PR is updated in 21 again, so that many webmaster to Google sit up and take notice, I think Google before won’t update the PR. I believe that many webmaster would think so, Google no longer update PR. The PR updates that Google still attach great importance to China market, you will return to Chinese! Today, I and some webmaster do Links, their first sentence asked me how many PR my site? See many webmaster PR thought back, resulting in the sale of grey link industry back up. I understand now many webmaster began to buy links, many high PR sites and sell links. The futures of PR and why care so much about it? We should pay more attention to the network marketing website, also can say is the website ranking. Here I want to talk about my personal views on some Google ranking:

patent -PR, and love Shanghai love Shanghai patent is the website snapshot. Why do so many people buying links is because Google PR value in the impact on the site keywords ranking. If you want to have a good website ranking in Google we also need to pay attention to a number of factors:

site traffic, that is I come in force the network company to know the company have a website already do this keyword CCTV5 sports, now through the word web traffic every day I have dozens of IP, and this site I almost did not send the chain, is false original site. Keywords: now this website website, Guangzhou website has been steadily ranking on the home page.

First of all we need to know the Google 3,

there are a lot of other factors affect the Google ranking of a website, actually we do Google or love Shanghai ranking, with the emphasis on.

4, called PR, also is the chain. We can see in the Google home page ranking site outside the chain of quality and quantity are relatively strong, two website about why others website ranking is better than you, then you have to look at the site outside the chain of the situation of the opponent. The chain with the broad, quality! Although PR does not determine the ranking, but also a little influence of the website ranking. This is my website Guangzhou website design website because without Links, the ranking of the site has not been good, the next article I will analyze under the influence of Links on site.

1, meta website is set up correctly, understand that Shanghai dragon friends all know, no matter the setting of meta is very important to both love Shanghai or Google. Or you can refer to the construction site of Guangzhou ocean meta set.