Station in Shanghai dragon the perspective of how to use search engines to find customers

, friends friends, baizhanbudai, let’s look at the search engine market share last year.

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through the search engine to find customers, the need for a simple set of search engines. In the case of baby, when looking for customers, we will use the Advanced Search. However, for the convenience of access to search results, we must first show the number of results is set to 50 or 100, and check "in the new tab >

got to know the search engine, let us see through the search engine to find what the customer.

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determines the goal, let us work together to learn about how to find customers through the search engine.

can’t deny, through the search engine, search for the ultimate consumer, is so, we must look for look for a needle in the ocean, the customer is the dealer’s website. The dealer, namely, in a certain area and areas, units or individuals with sales or service, with independent management rights, has the ownership of the goods (buyout manufacturer’s product / service), and varieties of management. That is, to determine the method to access the site, read the information, to make sure it is not the dealer website. Then, determine which products they make, and learn whether their industry related products, if any, will find their E-mail address. Inform their company and product through the mail, or fill in the application form on the website, to establish a good trust. Efficiency comes from diligence. and shortage in the play, into line with the Si and destroyed. Everything is hard in the beginning. Sincere, can "E-mail hard", if the product quality is good, price is competitive advantage, will arouse their interest.

, Microsoft’s Bill · Gates, love the complex work to do because of lazy, lazy people can always find a simple solution. The fact is true. A lot of people do foreign trade said that in Europe and the United States on holiday, "lazy", seems to be their "common", but also pay attention to work efficiency. So, European and American customers rarely take valuable time on the B2B platform for suppliers. They will seek directly through the search engine, and ultimately the formation of transformation. This is a kind of reverse thinking. Today, we stand together in search and win whitehand Shanghai dragon’s point of view, to learn about foreign trade staff how to use search engines to find customers. To learn more, also helps to broaden the website optimization and promotion of the idea.

CNZZ Net Market Share on the data center and Chinese and a worldwide search engine analysis data in 2014, the search engine market, use in the international scope, the highest rate of search engine is Google, followed by YAHOO and Bing love Shanghai. In China, Google has withdrawn from the China based on the highest utilization rate of the search engine is love Shanghai, followed by 360 Sogou search and. So, the choice of a search engine, it depends on the company’s market strategy planning.