Shanghai dragon to normal heart the three stage of the optimization of the railway station

stage two: to improve the weight, increase the number and adhere to the quality of

stage three: expand profits, expand the customer and mining


website has experienced two stages before the accumulation should be entered into the stage of profit. This time the focus is the depth of excavation for their own profit system, comprehensive, full angle test, such as game advertising alliance, GGAD and love Shanghai alliance, direct docking with the customer, the sales of products and provide additional value and so on, you should be under the premise of ensuring the mainstream profit model, find the profit model best, let to maximize the value of the site. If the development of more CIS >

website of Shanghai dragon is a long process, all aspects of the accumulation of search engine for website ranking is not based on a point, but on the whole surface consideration. Many times we do not want to get good rankings will have good rankings, but in the different stage of the site to do different accumulation, over time, will form a number of users, ranking will be promoted. Today and all my experience summary: Shanghai dragon must be normal, summing up three phase optimization of the railway station.


website is divided into two stages, the first is the basic adjustment not before, the focus is to look at the website each set is normal, whether the function parameters, reading is normal (especially the title, there are many enterprise website pages are the same title), robots is to write a more complete, each column and channel the page is normal browsing, to publish the articles on the test. Also need to pay attention to is the path to the URL website, because once the line, the URL path can’t change, so as to upgrade the website after revision and leave, not for time and ignore the future. In no circumstances completely determined to online operations. There are some websites online for a while, and found that the headline is not good, then modified and found program function can not keep up, then change the program, the influence of such practices on the website of Shanghai dragon is larger, should be avoided.


stage: pre paving, complete test and foundation of Shanghai dragon

this stage goal is very clear, is to raise the weight of the website, get good keywords ranking. Of course, in addition to the website of Shanghai dragon, there will be other promotion methods, but here only analysis of Shanghai Longfeng related problems. This stage is to manufacture the long tail keywords, to do a lot of external links, exchange of high quality Links, let the data site will be enhanced significantly, have accumulated the corresponding weights. In the update, the best original and reproduced with data acquisition in three ways the coexistence of both quality and quantity, should be taken into account. Do natural in the chain, and the commonly used method is soft and linkbait, each PR must have. The anchor text to nature, can not use keywords color. So after six months, the site has a small improvement, but also to gradually get traffic from search engines, the next step is the third step.