China ten years produced 32 million network

ten years, 10 million China users only 1% of e-commerce involved has been transformed into about 32000000 registered "network business", is also ten years, an independent Alibaba page has grown into a comprehensive service platform system of the world’s largest e-commerce, quarter revenues of more than 800 million yuan, the most typical case this is the ten anniversary of Chinese e-commerce.

inadvertently, people who do not understand the concept of electronic commerce, it has become a part of life China, enterprises in the promotion of products online, consumers in the home shopping, online payment, the term "electronic commerce" from fashion to popular to people used to go by, for 10 years. From e-commerce companies, online merchants and many cases, we try to comb the changes of this new business form.

Ali relocation led to regional housing prices rose

after ten years, in Hangzhou has more than 6000 employees of the Alibaba B2B companies are starting to large-scale relocation, moving its pomp, absolutely make only 18 of Alibaba had entrepreneurial team unexpected. Now, the media in the city of Hangzhou are hot, the relocation of the wealth effect of Ali, a company’s move, it can drive a region’s housing prices rose sharply.

at the end of June this year, the total number of employees of Alibaba B2B company has reached 9290, the Alibaba group in the world’s total number of more than 15000 people, while ten years ago, scanty supporters of founder Ma Yun, he was everywhere about the magic of the Internet, please be most willing to agreed to pay the company’s information on the Internet. It is always regarded as sheer fallacy. By the middle of 2000, Ma became the first to board the cover of Forbes, the Chinese mainland entrepreneurs, many Chinese people do not understand what to do with the Internet in the end what is the meaning.

more businessmen took 10 years to learn the concept, at present, the Alibaba registered in the "network" has reached about 32000000, more than 5000 small business owners at their own expense to come to Hangzhou to participate in the "small business summit" every year, to discuss how to do business on the Internet, Ma Yun is now a small business owner, his idol. Every speech, enough to cause a traffic jam around the site. Chen, a professor at Zhejiang University, said the Alibaba B2B model belongs to China, is the Chinese people’s own innovation and thus affect the global Internet model.

practical ideas led to industrial expansion

On the condition of understanding

Chen who said, in fact, is two words "practical".

if there is no actual effect, used to international and domestic trade of small business owners may not be willing to spend money on e-commerce. In this regard, the Alibaba of B2B company CEO Wei Zhe explains more really, "now the survival of small enterprises is to solve the difficult problem of the order, order of small enterprises can survive; growth difficult to solve management problems of small enterprises, management of small enterprises in the.