How to deal with the chaos of website optimization algorithm update

especially near end time love Shanghai there have been some abnormal reaction, web site keywords morning may still be home, afternoon fell into a hundred away. Sometimes you use various optimization methods can not be a keyword do the home page, in the long long given up, but suddenly found what time to the home page. Of course, the webmaster Tucao love Shanghai things far more than these, as is the weakness of the algorithm or the webmaster itself and don’t have to say. But one thing is very obvious, in just through the search engine rankings get a lot of traffic, realize the enterprise product sales myth era has become history. Today, from the initial chaos optimization has been gradually to standardization transformation, especially in the love of Shanghai forge ahead under the various level of the algorithm is not poor, when repeatedly advocated the user experience and the original value, we sacrifice the new algorithm make the most of the webmaster confused.

was from the top represents the geometric flow, as long as the keyword of the website has a good ranking in the search engines, each day brings enterprise website traffic and visitors are considerable, since no less earnings. It is enterprise of fascination with the website optimization, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng spread in the Internet, with the increase of practitioners and dishonorable means repeated, will affect the normal development of the search engine. The major search engines in order to survive in the user’s needs, constantly called on to speed up the algorithm under the pace of reform, a website optimization faded mystery, the webmaster in optimize work in complain incessantly sigh more difficult to do.

love Shanghai spark plan has been launched the original time, Scindapsus algorithm is also upgraded to 2, pomegranate algorithm 2 months operation. Shanghai launched love every time algorithm, represents a new ranking to become the webmaster every time to the website on algorithm performance, but seldom discussed the meaning behind the algorithm. Take the collected and delete it, many owners also know that may affect the love Shanghai spark plan is likely to be caused, his article does not comply with the rules included love Shanghai, love Shanghai in two to delete the audit. In fact, love is behind represents the attitude of Shanghai, before a lot of website content once included after giving a snapshot, generally no >

recently have kept owners complain, why in the morning of the afternoon included deleted? Why website snapshot appeared to shift or stop, but can not see the slightest sign of drop right? Why yesterday Webmaster Tools display also hundreds of traffic, but today that’s why a few original article also? No reprint of high ranking? Why their hard creation half of the original article love Shanghai not included? Why love Shanghai but not stop snapshot complaints? Why good website keywords ranking but no traffic?…… All of this are a test of the webmaster of wisdom, there is a problem or update algorithm of frequent faults caused by the optimization of their Lee? At present for the have not made a clear response in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, this needs the webmaster to find out her own summary.