There is no weight ranking confusion analysis of website optimization Shanghai Dragon

website has no weight ranking analysis

website is OK, very high quality, this is the fundamental reason to love Shanghai included, but the relationship between the content and the theme of the site has a certain deviation, even the core keywords are not clear, for this website and how to display the exit key word ranking? Love to Shanghai this website to examine within the sandbox, but the content is still not included, but the ranking is not promoted

: the track phenomenon of website development process, is actually some sites in the operation, by modifying the keywords constantly, or modify the site title, it will naturally lead to love Shanghai spider sensitive, easy for such a high weight website made the wrong judgment, that there is a new the site, because of the keyword changes, of course this keyword is sometimes imperceptibly, so there is a website weight but no strange situation ranking


website snapshot update fast, does not mean that the site can get good rankings, not necessarily get more traffic, not because the rankings, the corresponding flow naturally difficult to go up, and some sites in a period of time and update the content, do not rule, it increased from the side the operation pressure of Shanghai love the spider to your site on the love Shanghai sandbox, of course this sandbox is temporary, if love has been Shanghai snapshot update soon, but also is a snapshot of a web page, then as long as the content is more new rules >

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website snapshot update soon but the flow is rarely

Love Shanghai

website has no weight and ranking has a strange situation because the website snapshot update different approaches but equally satisfactory results, the faster the speed, which means the higher the weight, but this may also appear in the new body, such as many new ones are able to love Shanghai overnight, but the rankings and flow is very poor. Of course, the author here is not to say the new station! This suddenly appeared but the old station, which in the end what is the reason?

many sites after careful optimization, almost reached the seconds, this website weight nature is extremely high, otherwise there is no reason to spider twenty-four hours on the site, but for this website ranking is very poor, even if you do not see, this is what reason, I found it and the legend of love in Shanghai caused the sandbox sandbox, there are two main reasons for the


of the site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, tend to be rather baffling problems, especially the website weight without ranking, in addition, there is an important site of confusion is included, the snapshot is updated quickly, but there is no traffic for the two kinds of problems!, the author made a serious summary, after a long time observation and finally found the root cause of the two kinds of problems

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