The love of Shanghai optimization ranking cold violence impact

recommends: refused to copy and paste content, support the original

good etc.anyway, into today’s business, website optimization ranking is not difficult, the difficulty is unremittingly, website optimization ranking is the core of just a few strokes, regardless of what the search engines, eventually, even as the core is the long-term unremittingly, more as the core is not to achieve the purpose of dogged determination and confidence, who told you to choose to do the optimization of Shanghai dragon? Don’t do something how can we stop? You have a white hat that began to choose Shanghai dragon, one thirty while it is difficult to make achievements come out, but if you want to add the speed, some will choose the black hat Shanghai dragon, although the speed is increased, but it is love Shanghai limbo is not far away, it is today I want to give you the love of Shanghai vulnerable to the optimization of the rankings" Cold violence".

white hat Shanghai dragon people know that if you want to make love to a short time ranking Shanghai home that is not possible, but the usual workload is absolutely not less to go, Shanghai is lovely for those of us work as "unrequited love" we still do things, this "cast pearls before swine." is engaged in numerous love Shanghai optimization ranking people working on distressing thing, this feeling can only use a word to describe: "it is better to tongtongkuaikuai give me a knife"

first, your site is full of other people’s work is the content of your website is collected other articles, this will just make love Shanghai ignore you, regardless of your website structure, web design do well again that are useless, the content is a part of the user experience important, if your site is full of people of the original article, the love Shanghai why not cut down workload? If you have access to copy stand on it, then make an unnecessary move! This will only cause the probability of repetitive is relatively high, some owners may wonder why some sites are also collected others, but by love and favor Shanghai, ranking as the rising weight? The reason is very simple, these people will be copied the article made some changes, that is, In the pseudo original, pseudo original starting network that currently is also a love of Shanghai to fight, so I want to have love in favour of Shanghai, please adhere to the original, a day one or two – hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of duplicate content.

second, there is a possibility that your website optimization over a website, if excessive optimization is easy to form a keyword, often a key words do too much, the entire page keyword density reached more than 10, so it is easy to love Shanghai is suspected of cheating, holding a for luck, the total.

Baidu flattered, but always ungrateful!

love Shanghai optimization ranking "cold violence" come from? Where do SEO Peida network rankings for all Shanghai dragon city cite a few examples: