The analysis of the social sharing button can affect your Shanghai Dragon

add social sharing buttons to your website is a small thing for you, but it can be very good to improve your website’s overall user experience. The social share button allows your readers share freely they found love articles to social networks, and they don’t have to leave your site to operate. Social button to make the visitors do not have to turn off your web page, and then open social network web log, the final submission of love. This reduces the operation of users, improve the user friendly experience. In addition to users of social sharing buttons can also maintain a longer time to stay at your site.

three: make your content more user-friendly

your social network is not all your target audience is, but you can spread your people through these articles, get a wider audience. The social sharing button allows the user to share your content through the button to their social network, which means that their social network of friends, family members can see your article. You can never know exactly what your article is spread through social networking sites to how far, how many potential customers to contact your article. Even if you do not get a new social relationship or client, you have more contact points in the construction of a more extensive social contact.

two: get more extensive audience

: a social signal


if you are reading this article, you will have a row of renren贵族宝贝, at the end of the article, sina QQ space micro-blog share button. These small social sharing buttons, we actually do content marketing an important part of it, we should pay attention to this part. The social sharing button can make your readers easy to submit your content to their social network or social bookmarking website. In essence, social sharing buttons is to let your readers to promote your content. However, according to the BrightEdge report, about half of the large sites do not show any kind of social sharing a link or button. If you are not a social sharing button website, then you know what you miss

for search engines, frankly, their ranking algorithms including social signals. This means that if a content to be shared more times in the search engine’s eyes it is more valuable. If your site is not social sharing buttons, then your website will not get social signals.

with social networking sites continue to grow, we do for Shanghai dragon Er can’t ignore the role of social sharing buttons. If your site with no words, then you have lost in the Shanghai dragon competition starting line. This article from the original 贵族宝贝jieyitonggo贵族宝贝 rack, reproduced the need to indicate the source, thank you