The actual notes on the regional reputation of Shanghai love home coverage

two, how to do a good job of regional reputation keywords

1, the reputation of content for

imitation adaptation. How to imitate: to love Shanghai some good liver disease hospital website, general home page on their website has a reputation of hospital therapy and the therapy characteristics inside the column will have some content of reputation. You can also search the website of others in liver disease, a search for "best" and "new method" which hospital is good "the reputation of similar words, try to search some of the more extensive search words, the results will be a little more, and then screening some good article adaptation.

read "let’s date", "" and other programs If You Are The One blind people are aware of their final success in hand, many of which are from the same city or adjacent regions, although Ting Zhang "love through time" before, Yang Mi William Feng’s "palace lock case" in the heart of jade and they broke the shackles of time and space, but in real life love people, distance of vulnerable. As for a people who want to treat liver disease, liver disease patients to find a best hospital, can also be understood as like falling in love, the distance also vulnerable, a Changsha in patients with liver disease, to climb to a Beijing numerous hills and streams, the liver disease hospital is not realistic. Therefore said the region is a very real things, people’s life is a regional, natural liver disease concern is also regional.

is the so-called, clever men make bricks without straw. To carry out word-of-mouth promotion, we must first reputation of content, or a hospital or specialist or therapy. Then a readable and guide word how to write an article? I don’t think people lack the ability to write text, here’s good at writing the people in. 100% of the original is not desirable, it is not realistic, a lot of things to do every day, and take time to write the word of mouth.

, why do regional reputation keywords

is not only the love of Shanghai reputation keyword search results share and coverage is not simply a word word ranking, but the real important to guide the patients to produce consulting consumption, its content must have readability, reliability and guidance etc..

since the regional content is concerned in patients with liver disease, the conversion rate is very considerable, so we have to do for the promotion of regional key. On the other hand, from the perspective of consumer behavior in patients with liver disease, liver disease patients never know the medical decision-making process, is not difficult to understand, if we can give proper guidance to the maximum possible change in patients in the decision-making process, this is a good explanation of why I do regional key words, word of mouth word.

is another method of fried Double cooked pork slices. The station before some of the previous word content for new use. How to do, can on the site background, search.