Shanghai dragon Prelude optimization to improve search engine trust is the foundation

website is not anomalous, spiders crawl frequency is not unlike the original work, is not included in the fall a little bit? It is obvious that the trust degree is reduced a little sign, website search engine in the "feathers". So how to reverse this situation? Or a website how to improve trust, is the analysis of Shanghai dragon optimization prelude, advance the development of a good strategy and then optimization can steady everything in good order and well arranged, winning. If you are building a new station, or the site has been building for several months but trust is still very low, the author suggested that the same treat railway station. If the site is rapid "feathers" please listen to the following discussion.

1, the new update of


for search engines, but also a set of rules to improve the program, do not expect the absolute fairness. Although the original king, the chain for the emperor, but also make mistakes. For example, a new station on the line after the Shanghai love even if the site was included, but confidence is still very low, probably over a period of time you will revisit the site right is very high, and even some key than the old site. But more often make you pleased with oneself in the abyss, a chain, a large number of original or have a degree, otherwise the program may cheat you in plagiarism. It is in vain to pay sweat.

, 3, server or domain factorsThe

industry itself

webmaster want to understand a truth, and give not all types of web of trust are the same. As a kind of Medicine website trust given early in the search engine is very low, only slowly after assessment, and then gradually increase the degree of belief, compared to trust is more difficult to enhance.

of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how to do well the rule of the search engine optimization, optimization, has become a hot topic in the webmaster. In fact, this is one of the biggest secret is the search engine algorithm rules, because the search engine does not provide to the webmaster. For a long time, the webmaster through their own summary of the verification, gradually explore a method to search engine weight division. These methods do not mention here tentatively, one of which is to improve your trust in search engine. Trust the search engine on the web is higher, weightassignment ranking will be higher. So, search engine optimization is based on the trust degree increasing, this by the binary network about personal experience.

Recently the

server is not stable, a lot of garbage station, affect the spider crawling with IP, and how to improve trust? Do search engine optimization, open space velocity is particularly important. Also to say that the domain name, for example: haoav** if you use a meter to do so, will the high trust? Specific reasons not fine, everyone can read it. The second is in the choice of domain name registration registered domain name is used by others, to recover the garbage after expired domain, this domain is prone to the problem.