Talk about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER algorithm update hyperlink how


, a substantial chain

after all this update is to emphasize the hyperlink, also is the chain site, and the construction of the website chain indeed become a matter of webmaster headache, so by the time of the update and how can we better handle

is the result of many owners reflect, many friends of the chain is K, or the right to be reduced. This only shows that a phenomenon is the site of the weight is not high or that the website is currently in a period of instability. Because we all know Links and website keyword ranking is also closely related, so many webmaster unscrupulous add a lot of friends of the chain, whether it is relevant or not, or other sites included, snapshots, rankings and weight are not considered, friends of the chain can be increased to about 100, appears to be very good results in fact, a dish of sand is rotten, as we bought a basket of rotten apples, you eat so > can comfortable?


substantial chain means that we do in the chain must be based on the nature of the site to do, for example, I was doing the drinks category, so I went to some financial forum outside the chain, this will undoubtedly hit by the search engines, and some products that stand in the weight of love Shanghai must have a very good, so every day wandering in Shanghai know love love Shanghai Post Bar inside, his hair was deleted. Suffer a big do not know, this is the update must have suffer, so here we have to release the chain, as shown below, is the wine related forum. That first identified the Forum will not be deleted, and then see whether Shanghai can be included in love, the second is to look at the long-term use, if you can, we can To take the collection, one of the channels as the site outside the chain.

affected 45% of the site is not affected, I am responsible for the 5899 to buy wine net love Shanghai is ranked in the second page before three, but after the love Shanghai update, ranking drop down to 100, but the chain number is suddenly reduced, through this phenomenon, analysis of the specific reasons, summary the website internal factors of this kind of problem, such as a Shanghai dragon Er we cannot be completely indifferent, how should we start?

two, strengthening the website chain quality


October 23rd is a heavy blow to the webmaster, love Shanghai update "super chain algorithm" drop right or K stand on the part of the site, many Shanghai dragon er made the remarks in the webmaster forum, "my website domian is not in the first is not drop right ah", "a lot of website Links K", "website keywords decline" and so on, is a lot of vent emotions, of course, according to the relevant personnel in the forum survey results, this love Shanghai update algorithm, the website of 55%