2007 China nternet focus on online advertisingUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing Lin Yu

below is the main point of Lin Yu’s speech:

4, digital products and automobiles, which account for 50% of the overall advertising market, will still maintain high growth rates, especially in the automotive sector. The number of car online advertising in 2006 is only a few percentage points;;

online advertising in these two parts, in 2007 is expected to have more than 10 billion yuan of the quota, the 2008 Olympic Games will be more than 15 billion. So, everybody’s on the move!

dynamic better understanding in the field of artificial intelligence, sharing entrepreneurial experience, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, xinhuanet joint University of Science and Technology Beijing students will hold the "double 1+1" into the series theme salon at the University of Science and Technology Beijing in March 30th – "smart devices, touch the future".

2007 and 2008 will be the rapid development of the China Internet Corporation for two years, three pure Internet revenue source: wireless SP, online games and online advertising, from a long-term perspective, online advertising is the most promising Qian Jing.

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standard four: self matching

standard three: competitive advantage

2, strengthen portal construction, in addition to China’s largest online advertising audience crowd, most needed is an online advertising display platform, IM is not enough, the portal is best;

1, sh419, in addition to selling search ads, began to sell brand advertising, as long as it is online advertising, sh419 will do, it is said that sh419 also do portal;

for the start-up of college students with little experience, contacts and narrow, the shortage of funds, low anti risk ability, but the ability to accept new things, active thinking, young is the capital, to grow together with the The coming days would be long., project. Priority can be selected technology products, and their own interests combined is the best point, followed by service charges and advertising promotion three profit model.

standard 1: start from the point,

University of Science and Technology Beijing instructor Lin Yu from Sichuang technology center "from the start point, profit model, competitive advantage, self matching, staff stability, risk control and other aspects of the college students to entrepreneurship and the need to pay attention to what.

6, 2007 and 2008, China’s Internet two most important keywords: online advertising, vertical.

wireless and online games have few opportunities for start-ups, as listed companies are also looking for other sources, and advertising is their most interesting part.

I like to divide advertising into two categories: brand advertising and effects advertising. Sina Banner advertising is the brand advertising, customers such as Lenovo, TOYOTA, US pcpop and autohome advertising is in this form, they pay more attention to product promotion and brand effect; advertising is like sh419 search, classification, main customers if small and medium-sized enterprises and sales channels, our dealers in this form, they pay more attention to the sales of products and services.

is mainly aimed at the entrepreneurial orientation of college students, it must be their own interests, if not their own hobbies, just think of the favorable national policy, it will also fail like a swarm of bees. Therefore, the real entry into an industry, the cost of time is also a great cost, especially for college students in just four years, undergraduate or two-year graduate students, but also need our good control time. >

3, Focus Media fully into the field of online advertising, the acquisition of good Ye is one of its weights, and more importantly, Focus Media hopes to become a voice of the media;

because our students have limited energy, the choice of projects can only connect to a class of users. If some of the projects and undertake the upstream and downstream businesses, to undertake a user, make a consistent connection project will waste a lot of energy, their energy is limited, to meet the single user time will be very difficult, if the two users have different needs, different purposes, different profit model, in the face of two different ways of thinking, there will be cracks feeling. So, I suggest to choose a point, for example, we are targeting only a single user, the user group has a certain scale, so that you can do this project.

5, online video advertising and mobile advertising are still struggling in 2007.

standard two: profit model

The technology of

started selling brand advertising to position themselves in the network game; the NetEase do not want online games to become their own growth only in the portal and search the increased investment; Focus Media is to acquire the largest degree of the Internet advertising company good.


wants to compete well, make sure the customer base. For example, I want to be an invention, for example one thing the electricity used by the power consumption of 100 degrees per hour, I can invent something that makes this thing 100 years only 1 kwh of electricity, looks very useful, but if this thing in the world only 10 people, multiplied by the number of base very small. For example, energy-saving lamps, than the original ordinary incandescent lamp, 1% of the electricity, but people all over the world using the lamp, it will have a considerable profit, so we must make clear the customers must have the benefit, in addition to understand what they need.

compared to the United States, China’s brands and small and medium-sized enterprises based on Internet advertising investment is insignificant, the growth of space is very attractive.