The bitter history of Shanghai Longfeng Er exchange Links when unknown

Shanghai dragon one thing an almost every day to do, especially for the Commissioner of the chain of people this thing is very important, that is their own site to exchange Links. Why do you want to say Links? Because I through these days of work content, I do it every day to spend an hour of time to change Links, when bitter talk to everyone here in this process:

in many people’s eyes, for Links first to see is your PR value, if your PR value is too low, you may see the website of one eye, directly on the denial of their website and not. We specialized in Shanghai Longfeng people know, Links is not suitable for is to look at the overall situation, not low PR can not change the. Although there are a lot of website PR value is relatively low, but their web site keywords ranking are good, and the snapshot update is quite fast, or is the next update, or is a snapshot of the day, like this site is also a very good website, if the PR is not particularly large enough to be. So, this low weight has become the most difficult problem of Shanghai dragon or the chain Commissioner, and the PR value is not a day for two days can improve, he needs some time to slowly improve, then anxious also sites we don’t have any effect.

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once again included less

Links time will encounter such a person, although your website PR and their website PR, there is your website ALEXA ranked higher than their website, but others still not your website exchange Links, such a person will say: we exchange Links value PR we value is included in the amount of the site, if the site does not have included higher PR is not much effect. Sometimes because you are a new station, or a station of his own company just opened, included in the site is almost zero, so you can not change the time for the link. As everyone knows, we have time for Links is to guide the search engine spiders catch.

The low weight

A part of

network, our PR and included are good, I do not know whether to exchange with your station a Links!" every time after adding QQ after the others say such a word, but a little time later, two hours later, and then wait until noon to eat dinner the people down, do not give themselves. This situation I encountered is really too much. You and others say, others did not say not to change; nor that change this way. But at the end of his also boring walk. Often encounter such things link, others don’t care about your existence. Some people are too busy to have no time to answer you, but there is a big part of the person is simply ignored, probably because your website is not good, not worthy of exchange and their website, but at least you have to say about the reason to let others know where is wrong or not.

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