How to make a profitable pat micro shop

micro shop is still in the continuous improvement of the ecosystem, but also need more and more micro business friends to join the ranks, but the trend has been unstoppable mobile. Today, I would like to share with you a little bit of micro store operation experience, I wish the school who accounted for mobile electricity supplier opportunities.

The basic trend of

micro shop (category selection, audience age)

analysis of the operation of the micro store, first of all have to know ourselves, to know what their audience, what age the audience will be more easily through the micro shop orders, consumers buy love which category of goods. I simply use the micro shop units in our time to upload pictures of the user to let you look at, for your reference.




a map to understand what the price of the product is suitable for micro store sales




is said to be dry cargo, we did not say empty, for business people, what is the biggest pain point flow?. PC traffic has a natural barrier in front of you – the center of the entrance. Which means you shop on a platform, flow mostly through the entrance to the center of the platform to distribute, or sales reached platform search logic weights, or a large number of marketing costs to buy advertising, the most depressing is that, after the end of the transaction, guest or platform. Demand continues to flow.

pat micro shop what traffic, I believe we are concerned about the problem. Pat micro shop official will prepare an adequate flow of resources for businesses, in addition to the two mobile phone QQ level entrance, is also open on cheap, fission envelopes and other CMR tools, will also be used on the PC side of the transaction process design of two-dimensional code guide, page topics recommended. Encourage micro shop price multiple measures for micro shop diversion. To build a stable source of traffic for pat micro shop. More importantly, pat micro shop businesses, will enjoy the 1:1 subsidy advertising traffic. From cost considerations, according to estimates of beta, the average pat micro shop get a new user costs between 1-2 yuan, while other C2C platform needs 10 yuan or more. Pat shop to get an average cost of an order between 7-8 yuan, while the other C2C platform requires more than 30 yuan. From the beta effect, small and micro businesses in the past on the platform is almost impossible to get traffic, in the pat micro shop has achieved good effect of turnover.

so pat micro shop started early, we also need to pay import traffic, in addition to a pat on the platform for the flow into the micro shop business, businesses want to seize the initiative, but also their own advertising, mainly direct pat etc., can be in the mobile terminal advertising position on the shop and merchandise display.