Analysis and optimization of good web page of the horn

Next we look at the layout of


inquires the chain of good speakers with Yahoo, only 7273, and ranked it the chain a 58 city 466873, also is a good speaker this site in the chain is no advantage, then we come to its internal optimization.


on good horn website

all know H1 tags is the title of the 1, he also plays in the optimization. "

as a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, the first time I made some analysis on good horn sites, so as to understand its causes the awesome ranking. Next we were optimistic about what good ranking horn.

three Keywords, description title, the layout is self-evident, the importance of three tags in the Shanghai dragon in the search engine to crawl to the web page is analyzed, and then make an evaluation on the page, Keywords, description, title is one of the basis of evaluation. The correct use of Keywords, description and titlen can help the search engine to produce the correct evaluation on the web. But some web pages without the use of Keywords, description and title do not affect the search engine on his evaluation, so the ranking is very good. The title of the article fourth display is < H1>,

good horn article page optimization analysis


internal optimization

in the code, the title of the article appeared a total of 7 times, as shown below.



1. query chain


good horn article page optimization analysis

I opened one of the "treatment of ENT diseases best in information ENT Hospital of Shenzhen" (贵族宝贝haolaba贵族宝贝/guangzhou/yiliao/2311460.html) thick appears to be a general article page, but check the source code, find a good speaker to do a lot of work in the details of the layout optimization.

when query keywords "Shenzhen ENT Hospital" today, found the awesome horn information network is very good, there are 4 key words in this article on the front page, the ranking is quite strong, as shown in figure


display and advantage on the page.

appears as the title of the article;

good horn article page optimization analysis