Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng not only look at it

to be honest, when I first started to contact the Shanghai dragon, the biggest interest is to use this free way for their own profit, but after a few months after I learned Shanghai dragon, Shanghai, after the implementation of the dragon, found that Shanghai dragon can bring benefits is limited, although some of the popular keywords do the first page, also brought considerable traffic data for the site, but the traffic inside, there are a few percent is really hard to see the content on your site, and a few percent is a real find he wanted to know the information, a website marketing, not just rely on the Shanghai dragon help your card, more to make a more friendly interface and content rich website.

if you have hit the big money to establish a good experience and rich content of the site, usually as long as the good operation should not be too bad, if you’re not satisfied with the effectiveness of it, that I bought for good, why do Shanghai dragon /p>? "


I try to make a good website, but did not emerge, how to do

first! I think you should consider if I were a visitor, I want to see what I provide what information, then to consider from search engine angle, which conform to the standard, I was able to distinguish the "eligibility row on the first page, Shanghai dragon do is your site row on the first page, and can bring the benefits of technology.

how do I make a good website

? Shanghai dragon

(search engine optimization) in Shanghai dragon er’s mind, in the end is a kind of concept, many people may think that Shanghai dragon as long as the first page of the search engine, on behalf of your Shanghai dragon has been successful, of course, Shanghai dragon, you have to search gold position but, even if it can bring a lot of traffic for you, but can not guarantee that can bring a lot of money for you.

the two benefits which is relatively high, according to my experience, is not able to provide an exact data for everyone, but most often heard before the Shanghai dragon company is bidding to compare pay per click, and Shanghai dragon is to improve your site exposure rate is not high, pay per click, so the cost will be more low, but we have forgotten, no matter how the way into your site, the customer retention rate and turnover rate is the most important, no one is willing to stay in the consumer looks a little credibility site that didn’t choice, will not have more people willing to call to consult the website, so whether it is bidding Shanghai dragon is just a marketing tool, but the fundamental is in the shape of business and brand image of the website. You may spend 50 thousand yuan to build a brand The website, but you have to spend 50 million to do marketing and management, do not feel that the cost is very high, a good website can bring benefits is far better than the original building cost also much higher.

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