Do the new Shanghai dragon like the armed forces troops in war did not move the forage

The next step is to know

love Shanghai, we all know that the chain of love Shanghai know is not only high weight, and the promotion effect is excellent. I have a friend do is before, do promotion only sex Shanghai knows the day can earn hundreds of yuan. So regardless of whether it is outside the chain and promotion to say we are no Shanghai dragon Er, made love Shanghai know friends all know, a new account is not directly linked, if a >

said the blog resources, so that resources forum. The forum is not only the chain resources is very good, but the best is to promote, can not give up the Shanghai dragon people. General as long as is not very popular industry will have the relevant forum, we first find five or six and our products or related industry forum. We need to know that the forum is run for some time before they can send the anchor text, a new registered account it is not possible to the general forum sub signature authority. So when we started the website is under construction in the major forum post, best able to set near moderator call, convenient day after website promotion. Wait for our good after the website construction. This forum collect almost all keep out, can be issued for the promotion and the chain of our website. This can greatly save our website ranking time.

Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content and the chain as well as the promotion of the three blocks. We must first find some chain resources for the website to solve things outside the chain of this painful. Shanghai Longfeng friends will basically do the chain blog. Our site in the building before looking for a few high weight blog search engine friendly. When our site personnel in the design of the website, we also do not idle, you know the blog will have a period of time will have weight. Or if the search engine included your article, its weight is relatively low, so the first thing I chose six blogs, namely Sina, Sohu, Shanghai love space, blog, bokee, in this blog six, after half a month of time difference is not much now included normal, one month before the beginning I did not send any link to the page content, only in the blog page linked to a Links to our target station, because when first established in the early blog if you send a lot of links, search engines are not included, if the plot is very the blog will be serious management personnel, so I recommend that you keep blog a month after the release of the chain, it is insurance.

you may see this title is a bit confusing, I told you to explain you will understand. In fact, I did not move the armed forces, the forage is when we do the railway station, the site is not making will start looking for resources, this can greatly shorten the time of our website ranking. Let our Shanghai dragon can play the value effect in the shortest time, bring benefits to us. I have recently made a new station is so of the operation, the effect is quite good, today to share with you my specific how to operate.