Liu Daiyuan Shanghai Dragon Master quick chain article


comes to love Shanghai encyclopedia, for all engines, how do we do outside the chain of high quality, so as to improve the site keywords ranking. We can be divided into two directions: one is to do we released the chain platform weight properties. The two is that we released the chain content quality. The release of the chain in the higher the weight and the website keyword similar platform. Release link content should focus on the theme of keywords. >

in China, in many search engines, love Shanghai search user coverage is the largest. For our Shanghai dragon ER, first is to do love Shanghai keyword optimization. Many people will need to find the love of Shanghai is recognized outside the chain of high quality. For the love of Shanghai, what is the best of the chain. Love is the answer of Shanghai’s own products. Then love is the highest authority of Shanghai products. Here, we must know it – love Shanghai encyclopedia. First I take some charts for everyone to see.

1, Key: wireless temperature collector

"do the chain, do content" is the network marketing industry chain and the importance of widespread, visible in Shanghai Longfeng technology, that is to say, if the website as a product, the chain is equivalent to the "product marketing", to make the search engine more good to find the equivalent of "quality products; the image of" let the search engine to better love. In this article I will chain content and we do share with.

more interesting is that in many cases I operate. No matter how hard you try a lot of keywords are not effective, but once in love with Shanghai keyword encyclopedia web link. The website keyword ranking will soon go up. However, how to add links and create a website keyword love Shanghai encyclopedia, in this article I do not explain.

2, Key: Youth weekend


how to create a chain of high quality

www.yweekend贵族宝贝 is not the official website of youth weekend, in addition to love Shanghai encyclopedia link outside. The other site of Shanghai Longfeng work is not very perfect. But in the youth weekend love Shanghai key ranking eagerly before. We think this is largely misleading for youth weekend website.


In addition to the above

love Shanghai search engine chain of the

www.21pear贵族宝贝 then we could look at the website of Shanghai Longfeng data, love Shanghai included the number 33, the number of backlinks included 73 love Shanghai. From the data show that Shanghai dragon is not ideal, we can look at the love Shanghai reverse link search results. The chain is common. But in many of the same key website competition in talent shows itself, quality visible outside the chain of love Shanghai encyclopedia.