The three picture annotation game websites can not simply rely on the Shanghai Dragon

third, flow exchange: there are a lot of small game site, can flow through the exchange to improve the number of users. Could you on the website of the game he did, he some games you did so through the swap is a >

first, through the long tail: since the game the key competition is so fierce, so we can start from the long tail, found some long tail word search the long tail and little competition to optimize, the flow is very accurate.

this is the love of Shanghai open platform, obviously, there is a market industry love Shanghai will not let 4399 so famous game site is also very helpless in second place, so for our small and medium-sized website, love Shanghai open platform has robbed us a lot of traffic. Look at the game player platform is very convenient, but as the game webmaster, I feel more pressure.

then this figure, many webmaster have long known:

with the development of the Internet, the game is popular year after year, but a small game website does not increase the number, many owners also felt the fierce competition, many have given up the game station. In view of this phenomenon today and share my views: game websites can not simply rely on the Shanghai dragon. You can see the game’s popularity by following a few pictures, first look at the picture:

this is the number of pages to see the keyword search "small game" when, has reached the billion level, which means that the competition has heated up, whether we do the target keywords, then you want to in such a huge amount of "talent shows itself, will spend a lot of energy, material and financial resources. You may also said do differences, however, when the user does not know when your site exists, you is again good creative also won’t have too much value, because in this advertising fluttering s actually "wine is also afraid of deep alley".

, second by SNS: the social network is now so hot, it also has a lot of fun games, but with a lot of new games released every day, can go to the SNS site, with a large number of friends, and take the initiative to recommend to them, so that the long run website will have a group of loyal users.


three pictures, in addition we surprised, estimation is more of a sigh. In this paper the phenomenon that do a little summary to share, perhaps it might be easier to promote. Of course, this is just a personal opinion, if there is wrong, please do.


again to see the love of Shanghai index, the average has reached about 200000, imagine what keywords to search for such a large amount of? I think apart from a few words, only a small game so hot. But looking at such a high index, how should we adjust the idea of