How to speed up the update frequency snapshot love Shanghai

update website refers to the content of the website is updated, and not going to tell you the following website problems.

update problem snapshot love Shanghai really upset a lot of people, everyone in the pain call "why my website do not update it", "how to stop my site updated?", "let a person have a headache is really love Shanghai"…… It is Voices of discontent. Oh, in fact our company website is often like this, because we are a new station, no matter how hard, it seems that the effect is very little, but we are still unremittingly and often every day, to learn from the experience of others, put questions to the others. This update slow for the love Shanghai snapshot, actually today to impart to you are a veteran of the wise remark of an experienced person here, I just play a small role, summarize it, now is not to say, we are going to talk about love Shanghai snapshot.

finally, is not always correcting my website. Each web site carefully, you can ensure that your site after revision, the path of each page or the original point, if the wrong, so before love Shanghai included page link error will occur, the next spider again to grab your content only to find the previous link, now you don’t think, sure the game, the final result is your snapshot stop updating, until now the revised website to be Spider phase so far, we have less exhorted that effort.

first, the problem is the site of the daily update. As far as I know, in fact, each of the Hefei network company will ask special editor to update the content of the website, such as daily news, site of knowledge, optimize the knowledge content, but the spider love is original, so the general knowledge is like articles or write their own good, or you love Shanghai in search the contents are the same, do not have their own characteristics, but their website is not famous, even love Shanghai included, who will read in dozens of pages or even hundreds of page content? Just go to edit their own, even using the same logic adaptation of different articles is ok.

second, the increase of the chain is also a good way to increase your website ranking, the ranking is up, love Shanghai recognized you, in turn, your love Shanghai snapshot will update faster. This is actually a ring, you think, want to love Shanghai included fast, your website will make the site unique, distinctive, will increase the weight of the site, increase the chain is an important way to increase the weights of the website do, in general, the editors or their own Henjin to drop.

? Is not revealed some defects and a lot of people in the website management. You should take good care of their own website, want to love Shanghai spiders like it first, allow the public to accept it, I also know that in the website optimization everyone is a bitter tears, I did not, but still have to try ah, toward the direction to develop, or how to improve love Shanghai >