How to improve the quality of the chain in website optimization

in the website optimization process, the influence factors in addition to the chain and the original content, key chain is also affecting the success of Shanghai Longfeng station or not. The optimization of the chain does not mean unlimited increase the number of the chain, but to pay more attention to its quality. Only this kind of chain will be on the website optimization weight will play a complementary effect, how to improve the quality of the chain under the star to talk about network in website optimization.

site outside the chain need effective

site outside the chain needs diversity

we grow the chain is a must unremittingly the toil live, can’t hold two days fishing nets three days of drying attitude to perform. So just to stand outside the optimization is to be able to continue to attract search engine spider crawling is stable, if the development of the website chain has stopped, so in the end will only appear fail on the verge of success. Enhance the site outside the chain in addition to adjust its growth frequency.

in the station optimization, increase the chain don’t know its number and ignore its diversity. In website optimization, we will continue to collect the website chain resources from all walks of life, also can leave text links in these different resources in the chain, and is the best text links. Although there are now many can take the chain of the site, but the chain is left in some sites in JS. The chain can only be regarded as a drainage treatment, but has no effect on improving website weight.

site outside the chain need to have the weight of

We vigorously

growth site outside the chain not only aims to enhance the website weight and the search engine spider to crawl the web, it is more important to let the chain can also help us to bring a lot of traffic to your site. So if your site is K or drop right can make the site a stable source of traffic, so that sites can still survive and operate it. So we improve the chain to enhance the website weight and drainage for the direction of this website promotion plays a certain role in our later.

site outside the chain need stability

site outside the chain need drainage

we stood outside the optimization growth outside the chain of the purpose is to enhance the website weight, if the chain weight of resources is not high, so no matter how much you stand, no matter how many you send outside the chain, in the end is not more effective role. So we in the optimization of station, increase the chain to choose some relatively high weight site resources, as long as these your website weight will have a qualitative improvement.

sometimes we will keep pleased with oneself the chain in some websites, but before long, the chain is not the reason, can leave the chain page is the site administrator to delete. The survival rate of low chain is more repugnant to the search engine spider, because the spider will recognize it as cheating means to evaluate. It also shows that the effectiveness of the site outside the chain is very important, generally as long as the survival rate of the chain of more than one year is to enhance the role of good website weight.