‘m in the construction of the chain of some methods and experience sharing

1, take my QQ station for example, last week I analyzed 50 QQ stations about chain, each careful research and Analysis on the site outside the chain a bit is the same is to ask SOSO, as can be imagined in the Q & a platform in the construction of the chain, there is the important role of the previous SOSO and ask the chain or better, recently I found his audit mechanism seems to be becoming more stringent, many stations into the blacklist, I unfortunately also included, well not wordy, in the Q & a platform in the construction of the chain should pay attention to the correlation answer the problem, so the effect will be better, and don’t answer the questions with the same content, so the effect is not very good. In addition to the SOSO and love Shanghai know, question and so on, should pay attention to the overall amount of " " " and " otherwise, but counterproductive things, too late for regrets.


blog the chain construction should be the most familiar, and now the Internet news sites have a blog channel, we have to do is in the tens of thousands of blogs to find some good weight for our use, in fact I’m looking for good blog is very simple, is to remove the hao123, NetEase love, Sina, Shanghai space and so on, the general blog weight relatively good news portals are good, don’t blog in the construction of the chain with what group blog, blog group of building, people don’t love these things, think of these things is not what the software quality, or manual hair, when released don’t go to the accumulation of keywords, or full screen is your web site and hyperlinks, that is not good, in general an article with a URL and a text hyperlink Then you can, personally think that this is the case of.

summary: of course my articles have no gorgeous language, just want to put their own experience to share with everyone, whether you are in the Q & a platform, the forum or blog in the construction of the chain, should pay attention to one of the most important problem is to avoid the occurrence of death, the best way is to hit a shot for a grab every few days to change the user name (although the cumulative weight blog is not good), so as to reduce the risk to be deleted, the account was closed, I hope this article can help to you, if you have what good advice to contact me, I am willing to communicate with everyone.

A good place to

3, and the forum community forum signature space is in the construction of the chain, BBS signature is not to say, I believe we are very familiar with, and blog BBS community space actually is almost the same, the important point is to publish the article when the number must control, but then it was found naught, forum, blog space and different, generally a station every day 2-3 article can, not overdo sth..

as everyone knows the importance of the chain, the weight and quality of the chain determines the site keywords ranking, I also not nonsense, and now I share in the construction of the chain in several ways: