Let the traffic surge fast mining high quality long tail word

two: select the appropriate long tail word

is the primary key of the long tail word extension, however, and the long tail word not all words are extended to optimize the site suitable for. Such as the correlation of the long tail word, many owners in the long tail word extension ignores the correlation of the long tail word and extension, the final results of the results are often not ideal. Because if the user to search the long tail word, then there must be a direct search for specific content. As the primary key for the "Department of orthopedics hospital", extends the long tail word "which Shijiazhuang family hospital best Department of orthopedics" can not write "which Shijiazhuang family hospital is the best treatment of osteoporotic bone fracture" of course, this is just an example. The definition of the word long tail must not offset its intention, otherwise the results will not on the main keyword complement each other.


finished the above two points, we are more likely to choose the long tail word clear, we continue to do in the following discussion:

analysis of the long tail word locationAlthough The words we speak moderately long tail

B: the use of tools, some tools can expand the extension of key words. If we love Shanghai drop-down box used by the relevant search appear at the bottom of Shanghai after the search or love and love Shanghai love Shanghai index, search engine optimization, it should reflect its own information on observation. Some other similar love stand nets such sites can be extended long tail keywords.

: a

A: logical reasoning, logic reasoning is the so-called human thinking to understand the long tail word. If he is going to go to the user input to select the required information. This information is then listed growth words, is consistent with the logic reasoning method, is the use of the user’s behavior.

three: mining the long tail word

is not to choose the long tail word cold, some of the primary key is not how to do the long tail word will have not much effect, might as well go in turn key. The long tail word has a feature that will be to search, if you choose the long tail word cold, the result is indeed reduces the pressure of competition, but the environment is still deserted, even thousands of the long tail word in vain, and how to guide the accurate flow?

C: the use of statistical data.

popular keyword can bring high return flow, but for small and medium-sized webmaster, optimize the popular keywords to get good ranking is only a dream. The times are derived from the long tail word, in line with the user search habits to find the exact phrase with customers, a lot of the long tail word to improve site traffic. Even use properly but also can guide the accurate customer effect, so the value of the long tail word of more and more enterprises look even Shanghai dragon er. Shanghai dragon er from the first only optimization of the primary key, and a large number of derivative to long tail words, this is how to quickly find out the long tail word quality about personal experience: