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2, check the key layout, because the local car information, in writing, to add the appropriate place names, such as "Guangzhou car" "Guangzhou automobile group purchase" "Guangzhou automobile 4S shop", as if the copy and paste, then repeat the Internet content too much, not only not included there will be K station may. In addition to the layout, keyword with long tail keywords, appear repeatedly in the article, but do not pile, suggested that the relevant keyword the same page not more than 8.


1, check the recording and snapshot, included snapshot less, stay in the 3 months ago, according to the two questions can proceed from the original content, not false original and plagiarism, the owners of the home, Youku and other high flow and high weight platform to publish, leave your own web site, to attract spiders to love Shanghai crawling, promote search engines, improving snapshot update frequency and increase the number included

5, website space, whether the virtual host, with host IP if there is K station? If there is, and serious, proposed to replace the host! Test whether a number of domestic test points can correctly open the web site? Through the analysis of the above points I take the appropriate optimization strategy with Shanghai Dragon Phoenix IP website there is a serious K station, immediately replace the host, prohibit included content acquisition, looking for the person of the original content, through the analysis of the website keyword expansion, a detailed list of key data (through love Shanghai index and query compilation, the trend) in the key words, the website structure from top to bottom, correlation keywords within the chain, add a small amount of a week, looking for a Links! The program is the implementation of

has recently come into contact with a case, more than a local car information web site for 6 months, in Shanghai, 360 love Sogou, several

site procedures, the problem first to search engine friendly, static pages, links 404 page design, site map should have, for the popular program problem is a unified collection, homogeneity, suggestions on the prohibition of acquisition part of search engines and crawling,

search engine rankings almost no, every day IP< 20, poor little flow! What is the inspiration for this website can save

of the site overall analysis

more appropriate!4, ! !

3, inside and outside the chain chain, the chain general we are doing, in some Links platform and other webmaster exchanges, through mutual understanding, a comprehensive understanding of each other and personal website, see the other station whether regular standing outside the chain, whether the quality of each other, do stop if there is potential and can last long the other way is? The chain, video library, catalogue, the soft, everyone is different! In the chain easy to ignore, but the same importance should not be overlooked! In a page within 1 ~ 2

only included the original content!