2013 China B2B transaction size 7 trillion and 100 billion ring by 9 7%

according to the latest release of "2013 Chinese B2B e-commerce market data monitoring report" data show that in 2013 Chinese B2B e-commerce market transactions amounted to 7 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 19.7%; 2013 Chinese B2B e-commerce market revenue reached 16 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of 25.1%.

as a whole, in 2013 China’s e-commerce B2B market structure is stable, the market share of each echelon continues to remain; segments continue to force, e-commerce B2B industry to enhance. 2013 is the first year of the new growth cycle of e-commerce B2B market; B2B e-commerce market in 2013 is the first year of the new growth cycle.

China’s e-commerce B2B market in 2013 showed the main reason for growth is:

from the macro analysis: first, by the government to encourage the construction of industrial park network operators, increase the funds to support e-commerce enterprises, guarantee the healthy development of the market of electronic commerce B2B. Secondly, the international economic environment is warmer, but the impact on the market is far better than the steady growth of trade, the domestic e-commerce market conform to the trend, B2B growth. Finally, the outbreak of the outbreak of the long tail market impact on the overall B2B market, to grasp the focus of the end of the resource service long tail market.

from the micro analysis: first of all, the proportion of e-commerce B2B enterprises using the Internet to carry out marketing in the gradual increase in market influence. Secondly, B2B business model matures and the demand for vertical deepening services began to highlight, promote the diversification of e-commerce B2B business development. Finally, the electronic commerce security certification system has been continuously improved, which ensures the realization of e-commerce B2B market transactions, and strengthens the confidence of the market in the development of e-commerce B2B enterprises.

enterprise innovation ability, the new model is emerging and gradually mature

first, from the operating mode of innovation analysis: with the saturation of the information service model of the market, the service of the long tail market C2B2B model, the rapid development of the Internet financial impact of B2B microfinance model.

secondly, from the analysis of profit model innovation: membership fees, pay per click, booth promotion and PPC traditional profit model of profit space narrowing, the data collection of new profit pattern as the representative of the market entry mode.

finally, from the analysis of service model innovation, mainly reflected in the B2B e-commerce platform based on the data, cloud storage services to support the integration of industrial chain upstream and downstream resources, and the depth of the vertical field service, pharmaceutical electricity supplier B2B has been put on the agenda, the IC components on behalf of the electricity supplier B2B gradually mature.

B2B e-commerce enterprises not only to meet the general information and trading platform, also plays an important role of integrated service providers, third party industry, including information exchange platform, more comprehensive services. Internet banking and online trading services in 2013 e-commerce B2B enterprise >