Webmaster pain the unknown that the site is no longer being the secret of K

website optimization is not too obvious, such as keyword density big, serious pile, the chain too much and not natural. In the optimization, must pay attention to the user experience, don’t forget to optimize the optimization, user experience, don’t forget to love Shanghai spiders to your users, and is a very important user experience, it is not good, your network is dangerous.

1 in the recent time bought a lot of chain or black chain. If a web site, especially the accelerated increase of new sites at a time outside of the chain. Let the love of Shanghai is very easy to find the chain has no regularity, it will easily cause the alert. In the presence of more advanced algorithms, a massive increase in the chain through short-term to improve website ranking approach has not what effect will only lead to site is down right or be K.


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3 web content is not full, the original little or no original. Because there are some special properties of the site itself. "

some say Shanghai is Baidu, not normal, chaos K station. In fact, I do not agree with this. Why there are so many websites, Baidu K, partial holding your hands, put your K, it is definitely a reason. The following talk website is K, snapshot disappear, plucking these are why and where the error.

Shanghai Longfeng most headache, what is the most painful thing? Maybe a little experience doing stand webmaster friends all know that one day, you have worked so hard to do even the first site is down right, even pulled the hair, while they do not know how one thing. Recently, one of my best friends encountered such a thing. Let him heartache. Let us talk about this thing.

is a website for more than a year experience of Taobao, you know, Taobao customers optimize a website to the first, to get the money. My brother, with his enthusiasm and efforts, a women’s brand do the first, you said to? He without formal optimization, the network when the baby, so the dress is key in the first row have six months time. (what the specific network is not easy to say, you forgive me). But suddenly there two days ago, early in the morning, habitually to see ranking, drained, collapsed, the net love Shanghai snapshot, and none of these articles included, pull hair, all the keyword ranking outside the top 100. At that time a hurry ah. This is not wrong? How can this be. Dude, the heart is not the taste, you know, Amoy eat depends on this, although the station is not right, but also the efforts, is also the main income. So, friends early in the morning to call me, let me give him analysis, see what method. Me? With this situation, the writing of this article, to remind some new webmaster friends, hope everybody shows some problems usually weight optimization, to prevent the occurrence of such problems.