5 kinds of means to enhance the trust of the Google website

1. Google merchant

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did it, he did not explain in detail, but dukejia believes, has a relationship with the panda system.

of the system powerful is that he is able to tell the garbage station with high quality station, but also through continuous learning, increase their own audit standards, that is to say, the space station will refuse to survive, as the system matures, and become more and more small. Google antispam Engineer Matt Cutts once claimed that in public, Google all the website is divided into two categories:

Google recruitment

so what can we do to make their station to the station to improve their brand? Ranking in the search engine

2. Station – general, poor user experience


last February for the first time the panda (Panda Update), upgrade when many web sites are K, there are also many web traffic suddenly surged by 50%.

dukejia here to teach you 5 tips to help you enhance the confidence of the search engine.

the quality of the content, the need for manual writing, the quality of the site, the more staffing needs. Therefore, we only need to recruitment websites posted recruitment notices, so the search engine can analyze the site whether the individual is.

1. – high quality brand, users love

is one of the most typical case is the well-known foreign Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station Shanghai dragon MOZ. The need to upgrade the panda garbage station and stand group can be said to be in my heart forever pain, what panda by what means to discern the garbage station and a good station? Here we take a step to explain.


Google spent heavily to recruit a called Navneet Panda engineer, the engineer can write the system of self study, that is to say, the system will automatically learn and progress, somewhat similar to the AI artificial intelligence function, so after a number of improvements, when Google in 2011 February, the first panda upgrade (Panda Update), is called the Panda Update because of the development of the system engineer surnamed Panda (Panda).

don’t know if you remember, Google has called Google merchant? There, we only need to mark their own business / office, and you can add the URL of the website! Do the purpose is very simple, because of a high quality website, must have an office, no the office would not be large, not the station, website credibility is decreased. Not only that, when the Google merchant to fill out the information, there is a support for credit card options, remember to check, because the credit card business support, to prove that you have the strength of