Depth analysis of love Shanghai hyperlink cheating does not have the significance of recommended lin

centrifugal pump pipe network as an example, what kind of link is recommended with the meaning of it, on a more general view is to content relevance as the basis. If so, it must be Links pipeline centrifugal pump centrifugal pump or other sites, the so-called self suction pump, sewage pump should not related? You will say, this nature is counted, all pumps website! So, I have to ask if this is so, the website is not related to the valve, pumps and valves are always very similar, perhaps you still said to be. Well, so be it, I ask, what if the terminal machine, CNC machine tools machinery station is not related to these, this time you may hesitate, but I believe that most people would still say, because they are the machinery station.

so, it’s my turn to doubt, the relevance of the website really depends on what to judge? We first discuss what is relevant, through the love of Shanghai Encyclopedia of inquiry, the so-called, its meaning is in nature and human society, if the relationship is with changes between the variables is known among variables related to this.

with that question, I love Shanghai Google a lot, finally found, against the so-called fact is the anchor text from the end of 2012 when Shanghai love published about the fight through the hyperlink cheating notice, fuck cheating, because this is called love Shanghai severely hit to death, the anchor text? You die


today in preparation for my visit Taobao pipeline centrifugal pump network when choosing a chain on behalf of the service provider, found that some sellers in the product description says that because love Shanghai to crack down on the anchor text of the chain form, so refused to send the anchor text link, only pure text links.

for this announcement to love Shanghai, I had seen very early, but there was no in-depth research, because of this, I focus on the moment, found some love of Shanghai announced the means of cheating, such as buying links, cross link value, a large number of cluster links, hidden links and not what doubt, still can clearly understand its meaning, but for one "has no meaning, but recommended links" really needs to take a look at this, because do not have the concept of what is the significance of recommendation, we don’t have a clear understanding, love Shanghai has not given a clear statement.

see here, I was shocked, even a Shanghai dragon entry rookie know, hyperlink is the most suitable for the optimization of keywords ranking, such as our pipeline centrifugal pump, pipeline centrifugal pump with 贵族宝贝wzcsby贵族宝贝/ as if do anchor text, when the number reaches a certain degree, for the very the benefits of this keyword ranking, if the use of plain text, although there will be some effect, but far less than the effect of the anchor text, which is used as a Shanghai dragon Er common sense, but what love when Shanghai began to hit the anchor text, what is more recently a new algorithm for