Amazon Chinese overseas purchase for the first time to 3C

yesterday (April 23rd), Amazon announced China overseas purchase store for the first time to expand the consumer electronics field, the first line covering more than and 70 brands, nearly a thousand pieces of goods, the main category covers computer and peripheral, digital, intelligent mobile phone accessories etc..

for the differentiation advantage of overseas purchase of consumer electronic products, Amazon vice president Chinese Li Yanchuan said that the on-line overseas purchase of electronic products, most of the Amazon Chinese exclusive products, and the United States Amazon direct mail same price, an average of two weeks of 3 days, the fastest speed of delivery.

the first extension of the field of consumer electronics, Amazon China saw the potential of China’s consumer market. Amazon global background search and sales data show that Chinese users in the United States on Amazon’s official website of consumer electronics search data continues to rise, orders since January last year, up nearly 60 times.