Taobao mall shut down and selling shop table business blacklisted

newspaper news (reporter Ma Wenting) reporter yesterday in (micro-blog) forum saw, buyers in the 315 Rights Forum Post said, bought in the Taobao group purchase "Juhuasuan" on the platform of a Casio is fake. In this regard, Taobao Mall (micro-blog) commitments to give the corresponding payment of the deposit; businesses will also be dealt with in all disputes that the implementation of repaying, thereafter shall not set up shop in Taobao mall again.

yesterday, reporters have not by the buyer in the post the link, open shop selling table "Amoy easy to watch shop".

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in October 14th this year, Alibaba (micro-blog) group’s Taobao buy Juhuasuan platform to carry out the 599 yuan to buy Casio activities. The event by a group called Amoy watches franchise stores Taobao mall merchants launched, the sale of Casio as EF-550D-1AV men’s sports watch, the real market price of 2282 yuan. Buy price quite Yu Zheng price hit 74% off.

according to the description of the buyer’s post, because the group has Juhuasuan official guarantee, so I think it is impossible to buy a fake watch, the day is very hot ah, 1500 watches within one hour of the sale of 3 empty." In this calculation, the price of each watch group 599 yuan, the cumulative sales amount of up to $898 thousand and 500.

the buyer said, after receipt of the goods found, the seller did not invoice, but opened a fashion poly credit card mall non Taobao invoice. When buyers to watch forum authenticity map and watch from Juhuasuan to buy to do a simple comparison, find out it is an imitation. Several buyers received instructions are the same, the number will be NO:060630." Buyer said.

the buyer and Amoy easy watches franchise store after the negotiations, the seller admitted that the batch of watches have problems, agreed to the fake one lose three rights application, but did not perform a fake payment after receiving a three agreement. The buyer then called for the purchase of fake tables together to discuss claims.

merchants are blacklisted

reporter yesterday on the matter to consult Taobao mall, confirmed by Taobao mall, the mall genuine store Amoy easy watches franchise shop launched the sale of 1500 Casio are fake. At present, Taobao mall has issued a notice that the implementation of temporary shop supervision, etc. All disputes dealt with is the implementation of repaying, consumers can apply for the claim.

for consumers to participate in this event, Taobao in accordance with the commitment to use the margin, according to Juhuasuan when the amount of the transaction for the pen, a loss of three". Consumers from now on can be made through the normal channels of complaints complaints compensation, payment will be completed in 5 working days to accept the account. It is understood that the current payment is in progress, some of the pre payment claims have been paid.

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