Micronet micro network the disappearance of the 1 million largest hit all enterprises

in 2015, a total of 1 hundred million of the performance of the furniture company, the success of the trade battle, but hidden behind a painful business failure……


lost 1 million single


14 years, the main European Furniture Companies in fishing for gold – Guangzhou rooted. As one of the European furniture company, imperceptibly attracted many admiring customers quickly, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen has established 5 branches.

Beijing branch listed soon, a shop to buy furniture customers, happens to fall in love with the European sofa has been booked. Because this sofa is as high as 1 million, the whole store is only the case of the 1 sets, missed the customer. Until the quarterly meeting, the manager gathered in Guangzhou, Guangzhou found that companies with sofa is still a unsold


as the breeze float to the big 1 million, suddenly gave a loud bang on the spot of Lee boss. Lead to the loss of the trade order, just because of the shops do not understand the inventory.

two. Find the cause of the missing

connection inventory. Each branch has its own inventory data system, but can not be timely docking other store data information, resulting in uneven distribution of product supply and demand. Now the most important thing is how to unify the data to avoid product deployment problems?

expand consumption. After leaving the store, 83.2% of consumers will not choose to return to shops, significantly reducing the turnover rate of the product. The reason lies in the product display is not complete, no inventory of goods. How to make consumers fully understand the enterprise product? After leaving the store, but also learn product information, how to reduce customer churn rate?

three. Pick up the 1 million transaction

for several months of thinking, Lee boss finally found Micronet micro network to build WeChat mall. Through the O2O model, all product data unified background, when the line, the next line of the transaction occurs, the data will be synchronized to reduce the inventory of the background, to avoid the phenomenon of the inventory of various branches.

on the mall for 2 months, the same ‘incident in’ again in Shenzhen branch. In Shenzhen fancy kitchen utensils equipped with a newly married couple, because no store inventory, but through the online mall, the company shipped to home smoothly in Shanghai. This convenient online ordering, so that the couple became a loyal fan of the mall, and recommend to friends around, to further enhance the mall turnover!

through the "O2O model store", the company successfully will sell all products to reduce the product line, online area, store rent cost cutting line. At the same time, to provide consumers with more product choices.

four. Broken billion O2O mall

.After the establishment of

mall, the transaction volume increased significantly 40% shops. For the rapid introduction of traffic concerns, home >