Li Guoqing said Dangdang earnings was misread the actual net profit of 19 million yuan

[Abstract] earnings data is 2 million yuan, only about the actual profit of about $1/10.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) June 13th news, following last year, the end of the line after the exchange of flash purchase, new flash purchase business line also allows Dangdang recent rally.

in the new flash sales business launched, CEO Li Guoqing revealed a set of data in micro-blog, said the first quarter of this year, the actual net profit of amounted to 19 million yuan, while earnings data is 2 million yuan, of which 17 million yuan excluding foreign exchange losses.

earnings data released in the fourth quarter Dangdang earnings is 20 million yuan, which also contains a foreign exchange earnings of $17 million, the actual profit is $3 million.


Li Guoqing said the data include: 1, 13 years of clothing tail collection of flash sales driven total turnover of 10 billion 200 million; 2, 14 years Q1 Trading Volume 3 billion, an increase of 54% (the growth rate of 116%; 3 Pack shoes), Q1 clothing excited increase the number of new customers, new customers increase speed slower books (but net profit double); 4, the first quarter wireless traffic accounted for 45%.

is currently Dangdang valuation of $900 million, over the same period the United States $3 billion 824 million, $10 billion 100 million, the Jingdong for $37 billion 200 million, while Dangdang scale is the United States 2 times, 1/4 of, which makes Li Guoqing think Dangdang valuation has been seriously underestimated, is the real growth of the capital market Dangdang misreading.