Home appliances online shopping more than two hundred billion people break through high end applianc

large size smart TV, on the door refrigerator, large capacity washing machine, with intelligent function of high-end air purifier…… Today, more and more people on the Internet to buy these expensive high-end appliances. Yesterday released the 2014 home appliances online shopping analysis report shows that China’s home appliance online shopping market in 2014 exceeded 200 billion yuan, an increase of 51%. High end as one of the driving forces to promote online sales growth in 2014.

2014, home appliances overall market performance is not optimistic, from the overall sales, the category of home market to further tighten the wire, even color TV market in the first 30 years of declining sales of air-conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine sales growth was -1.1%, -1.6% and 1.2%. But the new intelligent terminal, energy efficient appliances, small appliances and other health products hot selling online.

report shows that the scale of China’s home appliance online shopping market in 2012 from about 88000000000 yuan in 2013, based on the development of $132 billion 200 million in 2014 to $201 billion 100 million.

with the electricity supplier logistics, installation and other services, and domestic enterprises have net shop, consumers will no longer focus on the traditional small household electrical appliances. 2013, smart TV online retail sales accounted for only 19.13%, an increase of 13.4% in the year to 2014, the proportion of smart TV retail sales has reached 58%, and an increase of up to more than 100%.

at the same time, the three door and the refrigerator door retail sales year-on-year growth rate was as high as 123.63% and 206.50%, with an increase of only 56.04% double door refrigerator in stark contrast. 3900 yuan to $6999 and $7000 to $12900 in the price of high-end air purifier retail sales growth, respectively, reached 170.56% and 234.41%, showing a strong momentum of growth.