E commerce channel is the basic money is the core

for a long time did not go to the webmaster network to support the king, today on a little, because it was originally engaged in e-commerce, so pay more attention to e-commerce channels. In a recent debate about the mode of electronic commerce industry, more and more loudly, is not to do C2C, Taobao to make a transition to B2C mall, professional B2B do not, and e-commerce companies have a physical store count of electronic commerce, etc..

in the last few days, I’ve also had a thing like this. Have a friend had to do a traditional business, then make a transition to e-commerce, if from the layman, doing okay, not bad. In the process of talking to him, he talked to me about a joke he had made for himself. He said that he had a rival, actually the company name is registered as a technology company, he said, they are doing the traditional industry, but with the electronic commerce as a means of marketing, what high-tech. I think listening to it, he asked, technology companies have non technology companies have what difference? You do what is this thing? What is your Densuke network, which has one hundred stores and are you


from the top of a small story, we want to talk about the theme of the channel. For all the business activities, channel is the lifeblood of enterprises. One of the factors that determine the success or failure of a company. We know that Lenovo is known as the industry and technology, can defeat the DELL, in Chinese, HP, Acer and other international giants, Lenovo channel power not strong. Similarly, for any business The Mobility Company, whether you are a traditional line shop stores, chain stores, wholesalers, agents, buy electronic commerce field or the red half open, the ultimate goal is to our production of products or services so as to provide consumers from the surface profits in the process, and the ultimate goal of any business activities.

therefore, in my opinion, whether it is traditional stores, or e-commerce sites, in fact we do is the same, is free from high technology is considered, or the common color of traditional commercial activities, everyone is the property to buy things, nature does not have what difference. At the very least, some businesses are keen on the combination of online and offline, in fact, there is nothing to make a fuss, are channels, the purpose is to promote and promote trade. So, what is not online and offline, online and offline do not save money, not spend more money, every company’s strategy not only, we aim to really occupy more channels, more spreading channels, the contact group is bigger, brand promotion and advertising efficiency is more accepted, on the other hand, promote the turnover of more. So, in my eyes, any commercial promotion activities are in order to occupy more channels. Whether you are doing network promotion, or offline promotion and advertising, is not to occupy a good channel, but some channels may you directly to consumers, some channels may also across the middle of the Shang li.

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