Withdrawal of Jingdong channels Hua Guan to self O2O


is considered to be a regional chain entrance retail net is relatively easy, but the road is still a long way to go. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that Beijing Hua Guan business (hereinafter referred to as "Hua Guan") in the Jingdong opened "Hua Guan live online store is offline, settled in the Jingdong before, Hua Guan in the Taobao shop in the end quietly after half a year. Hua Guan said that the line is due to the expiration of the contract, the page and the category will be perfect again on the line. Hua Guan business person in charge of the electricity supplier Zhao Jianjun said, "in the Jingdong operating for more than a year, orders are not many, but the line is an important aspect of Hua Guan construction of all channels will not give up, will be self built O2O to restart the electric".

two closed shop

Beijing Daily reporter found that Hua Guan in the Jingdong’s "Hua Guan live online" click "enter the store" after the show, "the requested URL is offline or expired, from the shop opened only a year. In April last year, Hua Guan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jingdong O2O agreement, stationed in Jingdong platform to sell goods and is responsible for distribution. This is the second time after the closure of Taobao Hua Guan shut down online channels. Hua Guan is responsible for electricity to Beijing Daily reporter Zhao Jianjun said, because only with the Jingdong signed a one-year contract, shops will be launched again at the end of April. According to its introduction, Hua Guan Taobao shop just to test the water, half a year off the operation.

Hua Guan stores mainly in Beijing City, Fangshan District Fengtai District, Chaoyang District Guanzhuang, Hebei Zhuozhou and other places, consumers in the "life of Hua Guan online orders, if the delivery address in Hua Guan near the supermarket (1 km range stores), then the order information transmitted to Hua Guan from the supermarket to the address recently stores, the stores after receiving the order information to arrange the store staff door-to-door delivery. If Hua Guan store is far away, the arrangement of the third party logistics distribution from the logistics center, Hua Guan will receive a delivery fee.

in August last year, "Hua Guan live online" 3 months after the launch, the Beijing Daily reporter observed that the order of a few hundred, most of the goods or zero sales. Zhao Jianjun introduction, the first few months there is really no sales, but the latter half of the operation can reach 30 single / day, especially when doing promotions with Jingdong. Local orders are not much, most of the Beijing City, when there is a big promotion Jingdong 20%-30% from other cities in the country".

re on-line

retail layout online channels, in the platform, technical maintenance, operation and management costs, according to public data, RT mart’s flying cow net sales last year was 200 million yuan, 161 million 800 thousand yuan loss plus investment flying cow net last year at 360 million yuan. With the help of large B2C platform "backed by a good shade tree, Hua Guan cooperation with Jingdong at the time was seen as a model case. But from a year of operation, and not worry about the shade tree back.

Zhao Jianjun introduction, in the late, "Hua Guan live online" day of sales in