The former Juhuasuan team built a new beginning to enter the town of sale

October 8th morning news, former Juhuasuan Rossi and other core members recently leaving the creation of brand sale enterprises "new beginning", won the 5 million 500 thousand angel investment asiajee angel.

looks at the new team, China has 2700 counties, including a population of 900 million, while the county has become the center of the consumption of these 900 million people. With the process of urbanization, urban users income and consumption ability are improved, the consumer demand for the brand also increased dramatically, such as more than 40% of sales from the market.

because of the reasons for the layout of the brand, many brands did not sink to the town market. Even to the town market, because the distribution level increases, the brand commodities are basically in accordance with the sales price tag." Rossi said, urban traditional electricity supplier has been unable to meet the user’s growing urban brand consumer demand, the mainstream consumer groups still exist for the electricity supplier will not buy, do not pay, do not buy, buy after service to customer service, "new beginning" is located in the town to solve the electricity problem.

in the beginning of the new store, there are samples of explosive goods display and touch screen composition. The sample is more likely to create a sense of trust for urban users, and the touch screen has more goods to choose, so that a 40 square store can sell hundreds of brands at the same time." Luo said.

also started new store experience store provides cash on delivery, when stores samples sufficient, support consumers spot to pick up; in order to simplify the shopping process, and in the WeChat touch screen above the consumer shopping just click to buy, enter the mobile phone number to complete the shopping; stores also provide consumers with a return service, and help the consumer to complete maintenance services.

is reported that the new start currently has two theme stores: families and children. Family mainly includes small household electrical appliances, kitchenware, household goods, daily necessities. Children’s shop to provide maternal and child, supplies, toys, children’s sports.