V5shop multi language version online system helps foreign trade network smooth sailing

e-commerce development today, has long been the work and life of most people. Compared with Taobao, the seller of enterprises e-commerce website reputation, has a group of little known, although they will value millions of domestic products sold abroad, although more than they earn some well-known domestic online real money, although they have not been defeated in the financial crisis, the storm vortex contrarian…… This group is the foreign trade business.

in the hearts of many people, probably have such a desire to earn wages in developed countries, domestic consumption, foreign trade network operators to put this idea into reality, make full use of domestic commodity price, the advantages of high quality, the products through the network and other sales channels to the North America, Europe, East Asia and other regions compared to Taobao, online business, online trade has a certain threshold, but the profit is much higher, generally can reach 40%. With the rapid development of domestic e-commerce trends, there will be more added to the Foreign Trade Chamber of commerce network army in the past, this reporter interviewed some experts, in order to use their knowledge and experience to help foreign trade network to avoid detours, to achieve quick profits.

domestic trade platform – Alibaba flagship

foreign trade network part of the selection by domestic enterprises to build a platform to expand overseas trade, domestic trade platform has the advantage of the background for the Chinese, for enterprise management, and between the settlement account is also more convenient and quick. Disadvantage is that the impact of these platforms in the country is limited, there is still much room for improvement.

Alibaba as an example. Alibaba to enter the international trade earlier, according to foreign network operators aliexpress in domestic enterprises have a great influence and brand awareness, owned by Ali and financial strength, business, large network groups and members of the Alibaba in the accumulation of foreign trade advantage should not be overlooked. But the problem is obviously, Alipay’s third party payment platform internationalization degree is not enough, only with the help of paypel international payment platform, and Alibaba’s existing market Yiyafeila and other regions, which could explain why Taobao international station first stop in Japan, in addition to the relationship between capital and Softbank, the Japanese netizens the Taobao acceptance should be more than other regions.

foreign e-commerce platform – eBay home

if the domestic Taobao beat the eBay, then in international trade, eBay has a huge overseas market brand influence. On the one hand, eBay is an early start in the e-commerce platform, the platform for English language, to many countries in the world unimpeded; on the other hand, the development of eBay for many years, in countries with a large number of loyal fans, the site of the huge traffic determines the product sales network to have amazing.

but eBay is not without shortcomings, in order to ensure the independence of the operation in different markets, eBay regional and national sites are relatively independent, need to use the target >