0 01 seconds battle tells the story of cybersquatting

a netizen to be deleted by the description: registration expires in two. COM domain name, he deliberately wrote a small program, the use of a foreign Registrar of the proxy interface (API) from 1 o’clock am today to start every 30 seconds the frequency of repeated attempts to register. Can just look at the log, the query state is all "Domain not available" (domain name is not available), WHOIS shows that these two domain names have been re registered by foreign companies……

first international cybersquatting predators


domain name registration activities, in particular the "due registration", called "Registration Drop English". Every day, especially in. COM and. NET led international domain name expired domain name cybersquatting, over one hundred registered Pool, SnapNames and eNom’s American professional domain name registration service website (led by ICANN authorized international domain name registration services company) in the daily battle".

around 2:30 am (Beijing time) is the international domain name expires to delete the time, the average daily more than 30 thousand. COM and. NET was deleted at this time, the basic domain name was deleted in less than 1 seconds after the re registration, rumors of the "0.01 seconds" is not an exaggeration, that time is too short to imagine how fast it! It is said that these professional registered companies, in order to obtain the VeriSign (appointed by ICANN international domain operators) connected to the flow of the root server, they are renting a super network bandwidth leading, with the most high-end server configurations with their respective advantages in software "cybersquatting war".

more than 100 times the huge return

the reason why such a large investment to get the daily maturity of the domain name, there is a huge return driven:

1, the deleted domain is mostly once the normal operation of the website, because search engines and other sources of user access, with natural high flow, the flow will be immediately resolved to "turn or domain name with domain name registration after the success of" (Domain Parking) web page on earning click ads. (here speak a word, such as domain name activities, also can monitor the traffic flow for some few domain names can be in the VeriSign period (one week) were removed, and can be saved by registering and paste chaos costs caused by the loss.)

2, the deleted domain is a large part of which is due to the deletion of the original holder or not forget after fees, some domain name quality is relatively high, enterprises and investors want to get these names very much, registered to the domain name is listed for auction in the service website, the price will be higher than most 100 times the registered cost — net profit! The rest of the domain name can not continue to auction to earn advertising fees, waiting for the sale

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